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Look fabulous 24 hours a day is a complicated task. And it's very discouraging when all efforts are in vain worn because of a misunderstanding or a small error.
Today we bring to you 10 common mistakes we make when we get dressed and stop doing; the solution is very simple, check out below:

1. Fix at the last moment

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

The eternal question "What should I wear?" A cup of cold coffee in one hand and a brush to apply blush on another and, magically, it was late getting to work. Does this sound familiar? In this situation, no time to look impeccable. But it would have been easier if you had prepared the clothes from the night before.

2. Clothes that do not match the weather

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Not the season but with the weather. Because if it’s raining, nobody will look beautiful with rabbit fur coat. Nor is it the good idea to wear pantyhose skin color when it's freezing. It is better to care about your health; learn to dress with style in cold weather, making sure that your clothes also entertain you well. Preferably in your wardrobe separates light clothes and warm clothes. Saves are not seasonal so you are not tempted to wear them.

3. Clothing that is not relevant

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Walk in high heels through cobblestone streets or go in a gala dress to work. The price and the brand do not matter, they are simply not the case and do not match the occasion. At the end of the day, you will even feel uncomfortable. Try to find out in advance what the dress code of the event you are going to attend will be. Do not be carried away by the desire to release as soon as possible your newly bought dress, listen to your common sense and look forward to a special occasion to release it.

4. Clothing of the wrong size and does not match your figure

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Maybe all the girls have in the closet denim trousers that dream that someday they fit. The important thing is that you do not put it ahead of time. Also, do not look for discounts or be aware of the latest trends in fashion. Because of your guilt in your wardrobe may appear garments that are "a little bit" small, large or do not go with your figure.

5. Small disadvantages

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Crumpled clothes, lint, a little stain, a thread come out or your beloved cat's hair. You can ignore these details believing that no one will notice this. But it is best that you always have in your bag a roll remover and an "emergency kit" with pins, needle, and thread. It would be perfect not to wear clothes that are wrinkled easily.

6. Absence of accessories

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

You can look amazing even wearing simple denim trousers and a sweater. But it's all about accessories. You must know how to choose them correctly. It can be just a detail: a scarf, a belt, and even jewelry. The important thing is that they are not too many and do not pretend to imitate precious metals.

7. Low-quality materials

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Synthetic fabric clothing looks cheap. Because it wrinkles quickly, it loses shape and it smears. Cotton, gauze, silk, wool, denim are not so expensive fabrics, and garments made from these materials look much better. You also feel more comfortable with clothes like this.

8. Color Combinations

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Combining colors in clothes perfectly are not easy either. The garments must combine with each other and also with your phenotype. If you do not have time to learn all the details, it simply takes for a rule to choose deep and deep tones: blue, coral, Marsala, red, emerald. Do not forget the noble pastel tones, nor the classic black and white.

9. Foreign stamping

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

Even the leopard can look different: noble and wild or vulgar and tasteless. If you are not 100% certain how to dress it, it is better not to risk and choose some classic print that can hardly be spoiled: pictures, stripes, polka dots or something geometric.

10. Poorly chosen underwear

10 common mistakes we all make when best for Women

What does it matter if nobody will see it! But you see it and you feel it. Any inner discomfort is reflected in your appearance. In addition, good underwear can correct the silhouette, and this is already halfway to perfection.


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