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6 physical signs of ATTRACTION

6 physical signs of ATTRACTION

When a person who draws our attention appears automatically our body starts giving signs of attraction. Our attitude is not the same, how to move, and even talking, change.

In case you have not noticed, these are some of the physical signs of attraction.

# 1 Straighten your back

Straighten your back

One of the first signs of attraction that can be seen when a man sees a girl who is interested, is that straightens his back to look taller, enters the abdomen and expands the chest.
This unconscious behavior because they want to be more sexy for her.  The same for women, that highlight her cleavage or touch your hair

# 2 Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Another signal that can be observed as to the attraction is the visual contact, in both male and female relationships. The or interested, "locks" to others to look for a few seconds the person of interest, and can repeat it many times because when someone draws us we cannot stop staring at him.
Established contact, a smile from another confirms it can approach, and if they are talking their mouths also look expressing the desire for a kiss.

# 3 Grooming


Arranged in front of a mirror or reflection of a window, it is another of the signs of attraction. He will set his tie and pants, and raise the collar of his shirt, while she played with her hair, makeup and will review your hair.

# 4 Fondling herself

Fondling herself

Once the woman has made contact with the man who loves, she begins to touch herself, as her neck, thigh or stomach. Thus unconsciously the body suggests he would like to be touched in that way by man, since the brain causes the body to reveal hidden desires.

# 5 Dilated pupils

Dilated pupils

This is a sure sign of attraction for both men and women and we cannot control. When we look at or interact with a person who draws us our pupils dilate.

# 6 Direction of the feet

Direction of the feet

Security never imagined that the feet could denote attraction, right? But it is like this. When a person is attracted to another and is standing or sitting, front or near, your feet will point to it, as if to gain territory and show their power.

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