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Why do we dream?

Why do we dream?

The onirolgía is the scientific study of dreams, and although they have done research on this, for science is still unknown the real reason why they occur. However, most of them think that dream is beneficial for us.

One of the first to investigate why we dream was Sigmund Freud. In his theory, he states that dreams are to satisfy desires. Cute, ugly or frightening, it's a way we meet is that both want, even symbolically.

In theory psychiatrist Jie Zhang, which suggests that our brains are always making steady memory storage, whether we sleep or we are awake; dreams would be an area where a memory before being transferred from short - term memory to long term is temporarily stored.

Other theories 

Reverse - learning: we dream for us to forget what is unnecessary. In dreams, we discard the information we collect during the day and that eventually will not be much help.

-Like Zhang's theory, this suggests that yes indeed we dream to remember. But in this case, would remember what they learned in the day. Even if it were a trauma, the person may remember and be more alert for what happened.

' The neuroscientist Anton Revonusuo, states that if we dream is for us to be prepared to face threats, dangers, and challenges. Of course, the dream would have to be in a survival scenario, for example, to better handle a possible similar situation in real life.

What is REM? 

REM (Rapid Eye Movement, in English), is the fifth stage of sleep. 90 minutes after falling asleep, it starts and is recognized by an accelerated movement of the eyes. In addition, the heartbeat and breathing as accelerate, blood pressure increases and our body temperature can not be controlled. Brain activity is higher, sometimes when we are awake. But, we are not able to move the body, because the amino acid glycine is not released.

At this time is when we usually dream. Usually, dreams during this stage are out of the ordinary, more intense and guided by strong emotions

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