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Famous Solanki Rajput Rulers

Modhera Sun Temple History

The famous rulers of Solanki dynasty were Mulraj I, Bhimdev I , Karandev I, Siddhraj Jaisinh, Kumarpal & Bal Mulraj. The tradition of Sati was also prevalent during the Solanki era; few of their Queens have committed Sati at various points of time during Solanki rule. It was King Karandev I who have founded the city of Karnavati , which was later renamed to Ahmedabad. Raja Kumarpal have rebuilt the Somanth temple which was destroyed during the reign of Raja Bhimdev I. By the time of Bal Mulraj , Solankis have successfully thwarted later Islamic invasion attempts made by Mahmud of Ghori.

Solanki Rajputs have contributed a lot in modern Gujarat’s architectural and language development. The name Gujarat was also adopted by Solanki rulers only. Sun temple of Modhera, Somnath (rebuilt by Bhimdev and Kumarpal) & Rudramala Temples were built by Solanki Rajput rulers. Jainism also flourished in the era of Solankis and many Rajputs have adopted this religion of peace.

Solanki Rajput States:

Bansda, Lunawada, Mirpur (Sirohi Rajasthan), Nasvadi, Anhilwara Patan, Desuri or Roopnagar, Sansari & Sathamba are few of erstwhile princely states of Solanki Rajputs.

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