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A study at the University of Texas revealed that male partners are considered more attractive, intelligent, fun and romantic.

"All worthy men are in pairs." The phrase resonates like a cliché. Women sometimes express it convinced, sometimes out of annoyance. The same statement was the trigger that inspired Randi Proffitt Leyva of the University of Texas to undertake a study that sought, on the one hand, to test the hypothesis and, on the other, to investigate their reasons.

A study at the University of Texas revealed that male partners are considered more attractive

The research focused on the criteria of young adult women. After gathering 245 university students, they were asked to rate the degree of desire aroused by men who appeared in an extensive sequence of images. In the photographs presented, the men appeared alone or with an attractive female partner.

After collecting the data, the research team published them in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. The results reflected a large advantage in the qualification of desire in men with partners or married that were exposed in the images to the detriment of singles.

The researchers explained that this phenomenon arises as a result of a process that also occurs in other species. The female copying the choice of a partner. "The average person must understand that couple and human pairing decisions may not be as random as they may seem," Proffitt Leyva said in an interview with Psy Post.

However, judging the attractiveness and increasing the desire for another person according to the surrounding environment does not imply a novel discovery. A study by Royal Holloway University in London showed how the criterion of beauty increased when it was next to people considered "ugly".

In turn, he had been called "Hugh Hefner effect" to another similar phenomenon because the owner of Playboy usually appears photographed next to stunning women. Impact varies according to context. The man seen with attractive couples causes greater desire and his explanation comes from the evolution. In fact, in the animal kingdom, male creatures with more companions are often considered genetically superior and of greater virility.

The great novelty of the study is that, in addition to being considered more attractive, married men recorded "positive traits not observable". They were perceived, for example, as more intelligent, reliable, with better sense of humor, with more money, romantic and gentlemen.

"All men are worth a couple" . The initial trigger found - after the investigation - reasons to back it up."The phrase assumes that if all the good are no longer available then the women who go out with them can perceive the qualities that make them 'good'. That is why, unconsciously, they are seen as men worth following "Reasoned co-author of the study.

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