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This photo shook the whole world only with its description

Shanna Niehaus is the woman pictured with his son Kainoa and a dog named  Tornado . The little one is just 5 years old and is an autistic child. For him, as for thousands of other children with this condition, it is too difficult to establish a relationship with the people around them.

There are dogs trained to help autistic children who become their great allies. For youngsters it is easier to try to socialize with them; in addition, they can help calm them when they have a panic attack and warn their parents when he needs help.

This is the photograph

This photo shook the whole world only with its description

"See this moment? I had never experienced anything like it. Yesterday was the first time my 5 year old autistic son met his assistance dog,  Tornado.  We are Americans who live in Japan and we had been preparing for two years to meet  Tornado .

"This is the face of a mother who saw her son, whom she can not hug, clothe, grasp and touch, lying on her assistance dog of her own volition, with intentional attachment. This is the face of a mother who has experienced countless failed social interactions at recess trying to make a friend. Any friend. Any type of connection. She has sat next to her son when she cried at night for months because he had no social ties outside the family, no matter how much he tried or how much he had worked on that in his therapies. And now she is sitting behind her son silently looking at the moment, afraid to breathe and without words to say.
"This moment is worth every fight for the services of my son, every diagnosis, every new provider, every dollar spent, every role requested, every school meeting, every tear shed, every step forward, every step back and every wonder of the future unknown. Somehow, so -for  tornado drill  know everything will be fine. As a mom I've seen countless challenging and painful moments that my son has had to face and tears that were even more so. However, I cried yesterday for another reason. It's a feeling I can not explain. "
Shanna Niehaus.

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