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Dart Little girls hugging and tears. After that the hearts of the children who died. To help her breath

Mother and daughter Amber. Little Melodies When she was alive.
Mother and daughter Amber. Little Melodies When she was alive.

Opening seconds imbued The girl will be moved to tears. When you meet a little girl who received a heart donated to ... Even one life lost It has helped to breath again

               on 19 February 2560 TืMetro website. Reveals the story's tears It is the story of Amber Travel jute Julio woman extremely sad. When it comes to the daughter, who was only eight years old by little, her daughter Melody Ohio symptoms of acute asthma exacerbations. As the death toll to at home while living in the US state of Ohio.
                But the departure of younger mice melody is not wasted. When donating her organs Help to breath with the other girls is P. Clayton Richard was five years old boy sleeping patient treatment at the hospital. In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which is far away from her home to thousands of kilometers.

               It is almost two years after the events of great loss. Mom Amber Has decided to visit Little P. Clayton. In seconds she had found little that was donated to the heart of her daughter. She dashed into a hug with tears away. Including Ashlynn Mother of Baby P. Clayton. It tears flowed with gratitude as well.

               For Little P. Clayton She was seriously ill after infection with influenza virus. Require mechanical ventilation throughout. At the doctor's opinion. She has survived just 3 percent. But then, after receiving a heart from a little melody. It's as if miracles are real Hearts of both girls are perfectly matched. The transplant went well passed. Able to breath a little more time for P. Clayton

               Amber said her previous sense of loss and sadness at the end. I think you can not live on this planet anymore without her daughter. I have met girls who get to the heart of her daughter. It keeps her calm and sadness in her heart over. Turns gratitude When you see that little Pete Clayton and her mother is very strong there. She touched and feel honored to call them family as well.

               Once little melody alive. She never dreamed that I was a doctor in a remote area. Now you will not have a chance to follow their dreams. It helps heal the sick But it gives a breath of life to the next. It can be considered a great help beyond any description.

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