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Meet the Mine I crush to Feminism

"Why I am not a feminist" Young surprised networks with clear answer

Britt is a young American woman, conservative mentality, which, like millions of 'deplorable' worldwide refuses to commune with certain millstones; For example, feminism. Britt does not fear insults and does not bother - quite the opposite - to call her what she is; That is, pretty.

"This ideology is completely toxic. Are lies". Brittany, a young blogger based in Califonia (United States), describes feminism in a video that has shaken social networks, entitled "Why I'm not a feminist?".

In her video, subtitled to Spanish by the YouTube channel La Contra TV, the young American says that her first reason for not being a feminist "would be that I refuse to be a victim and feminism is a modern form of victimism."

Ironically, Brittany defines herself as a "female member of patriarchy" and "pro-common sense."

Oppressed but there is no invisible patriarchy to keep us under control nor men have super secret meetings to conspire against us. "

For Brittany, "if there really was a patriarchy would be making it fatal."

She also criticizes "there are a lot of feminists who say that women are strong, independent, that we are the most powerful and equally as incredible as men. But at the same time they want to be protected from any kind of criticism, any kind of insult that they believe is inappropriate. "

Feminists, she says, "say they want to make women's voices heard, but the only thing they want to make us hear is a certain ideology, the ideology of the feminist left."

"If you're a woman of conservative ideas, they'll want you to shut the damn mouth. They do not care about your opinion, they do not care about your voice, they do not care about the opinion of real women, they only care about the voices of certain women, usually women of the left. "

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