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Minocqua, WI - Kayaking on a channel between lakes

Minocqua, WI - Kayaking on a channel between lakes

Minocqua, WI - Kayaking on a channel between lakes

Welcome to the Minocqua territory with 2,300 assemblages of crisp water, the most astounding focus on the planet.

We are likewise home toward the North Highland-American Legion State Forest. The NH-AL is the biggest state woodland in Wisconsin with 225,00 sections of land, 18 family campgrounds and 130 kayak and remotecampsites.

The NH-AL is a paradise for paddlers, with 68 lakes assigned as "Wild", "Wild" or "Picturesque".

Wild Lakes are basically forested with an undeveloped shoreline. Lakes are kept up in an undeveloped condition and without noteworthy indications of human impact for recreational, natural and living space values.

On Wild Lakes human impact on the lake or its encompassing terrains is not obvious. The shore-grounds are fundamentally forested. The lakes are basically undeveloped, other than primitive campgrounds and no structures are obvious from the water.

Beautiful Lakes protect the present utilize, however assign a 400-foot picturesque administration zone encompassing every lake.

The Wilderness Lake shorelines are fundamentally forested, the backwoods piece fluctuating with the site qualities and the range's administration history. Every lake has an undeveloped shoreline, without any structures, aside from primitive campgrounds, inside 1⁄4 mile. The lake and its shoreline inside 1⁄4 mile, or to the visual skyline on the off chance that it is further, are inactively overseen. Open engine vehicle use for lake get to and every single recreational us are not permitted.

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