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Mysterious Heroine X

Mysterious Heroine X

Life story

Tallness/Weight: 154cm ・42kg

Arrangement: Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary

Source: TYPEMOON April Fools 2013

Nation of Origin: Servant World

Arrangement: Chaotic ・ Neutral

Sex: Female

A more abnormal going by from a baffling measurement called Servant Universe. Asserting to be the complete adaptation of the Saber class, an Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon that performs reasonable and-square shock assaults as a knight.

Code Name: A-X.

She utilizes the baffling enchanted sword "Himitsucalibur" to eliminate every last bit of her foes.

The Artorian race resembles disease to the universe. Somebody needs to eliminate every one of them. Somebody needs to.

Saying so with an astringent look all over, Heroine X left the place where she grew up. Indeed, even today, her adored machine Du Stallion II races through the ocean of stars.

Dissimilar to most hirelings, she wears a casual and energetic outfit. The blue scarf is an image of mettle, while the cap serves to disguise both her character and her cowlick. It stands out-it stands out-it truly stands out.

As an Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon, she typically goes into a massacre mode employing her single sacred sword for the sole motivation behind crushing every present Saber, however she has opened her heart towards Saber Lily alone.

Before coming here, she spared an antiquated imperial administration from an emergency, settled the inner strife of the Mankind Integration Union, and directed intruders from another universe, however, for her, that was much the same as a nibble before breakfast. Since it was so unimportant, it appears as if she doesn't recall.

Until she accomplishes her most genuine, dearest wish, she might keep on wielding the Himitsucalibur. Additionally, regardless, she will just chop down the Golden Great Emperor Cosmo Gilgamesh.

She has not uncovered this to anybody, but rather her actual character is that of Artoria Pendragon.

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