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Marvel Comics Teases Sequel To Peter Parker/Miles Morales Crossover 'Spider-Men'

Fans of the 2012 mini-series Spider-Men have reason to be excited, as it appears Marvel is moving forward with a sequel in the near future. That's the takeaway from a teaser image Marvel tweeted out earlier today.

The Most Ultimate hero of two worlds Spider-man

Spider-Men is a five-issue mini-series from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli that featured the first team-up between Peter Parker and the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Miles has since become a resident of the regular Marvel Universe, so the idea of the two Spider-Men crossing paths isn't quite so novel these days.

However, the teaser references the cliffhanger ending of the original Spider-Men. Having learned that his Ultimate Universe counterpart died in action as Spider-Man, Peter chose to look up Miles' name on the Internet to see if his own universe had a version of Miles. The answer Peter found seemed to shock him, though readers never learned exactly what information he dug up. It appears that Spider-Men II will finally shed light on that lingering mystery.

Marvel Comics Teases Sequel To Peter Parker/Miles Morales Crossover 'Spider-Men'

Bendis is still writing Miles in the ongoing Spider-Man series, so we figure it's a safe bet that he'll also be writing Spider-Men II. We wouldn't be surprised if Pichelli also returns to illustrate the book. But for now, we'll have to wait for further details from Marvel as far as the creative team and release date are concerned.

When Spider-Men II does hit, though, it'll be just the latest example of a major Marvel Comics mystery being solved after years of waiting.

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