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Winds up, Apple Watch to create healthy winds

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It is reported that the second half of this year, Apple may release the smart watch Apple Watch's third generation of products; the news shows that this generation of products will be a major upgrade in the health level; the user can monitor their blood sugar through Apple watch 3 real-time situations. As we all know, for diabetic patients, it is necessary to measure blood glucose levels several times a day. The traditional method of measuring blood sugar is achieved by a small needle called a lancet, which drops a drop of blood on a test strip into a blood glucose meter to analyze the blood. This process is not only cumbersome but also expensive because the test paper is one time, every measurement will be consumed.

Past attempts to test non-blood-contact blood glucose methods have failed, but Apple has been working hard to develop a more accurate system that allows users to measure without blood samples. According to the survey shows that the United States has 30 million people with diabetes, if the problem was overcome, this market is very broad. The Apple technology giant may have proposed a non-contact blood glucose monitor solution, and will be used in wearable equipment.

It sounds like wearing a device industry, like black technology, if Apple can really develop such a function, then the popularity of Apple Watch will be world-renowned, not only because the United States has 30 million people with diabetes, to know the world Of the diabetic patients is hundreds of millions. According to last year's data show that China has billions of diabetes patients, there are a lot of free in the "critical point" quasi-healthy people, if Apple can really bring such a breakthrough, then the promotion of Apple Watch is undoubtedly huge Killer application. But Apple can really bring this "simple" accurate measurement method?

Medicine is not the slightest false and gimmick, people need accurate data and measurement accuracy, if only a simulated application or ambiguous software tips, then this meaning is almost zero. Obviously to Apple's strict degree of the product is not guilty of this "gimmicky" marketing error. However, it is well known that the concept of wearing equipment, the corresponding product to follow up the time is not short, especially Apple launched Apple Watch has two generations, and a variety of peripheral derivatives, such as strap, custom, limited edition Apple Watch also do a lot of attempts, but people's pursuit of Apple Watch is not enough, Apple is also reluctant to announce market share and sales. Although the wearable equipment market, especially smart watches, bracelets and other fields, Apple also occupies a great advantage and shipments, but compared to its iPhone products, this little bit of shipments is almost negligible. But do not want to be carrying a performance growth of Apple horns. Even though Cook had high hopes for Apple Watch, but apparently Apple Watch is still a bit like the bucket cannot afford to support Apple's expectations.

As we all know, can wear equipment, the outlet has long been passed, after a variety of products after the Ebb Tide, the market is now basically stable, and is a relatively small market, people for a variety of smart watches, bracelet enthusiasm is no longer The If there is no real killer application, then these products will soon become a tasteless. Apple is naturally reluctant to see the appearance of this situation, so in their own wearable equipment to add more health elements, hoping to stir itself from a healthy wind, once again awakening people to wear the equipment to chase, and really Can bring a rigid demand, and the layout of the name of the health is undoubtedly the most convincing.

Or why this is why the next generation of Apple Watch in health applications will be more tight reason for it is reported that Apple's non-contact blood glucose monitor will be built in the next generation Apple Watch strap. Users can choose according to their own needs with the function of the strap, without having to pay for this feature extra. Through the watch with blood glucose monitoring function, patients can monitor their blood sugar all-weather situation, no need to carry blood glucose meter. If you can really accurately measure, or relatively accurate, then for so many patients with diabetes or quasi-diabetic patients, are very much like to get such a wearable device it. Especially when we are concerned about their own health is getting higher and higher, people in the health of the input that will be hesitate to money.

We also see that many cities are now keen to run the marathon, night run, etc., in fact, are a guarantee of their own body and seek a more healthy way, if there is a smart watch, can always bring some data tips And warning, then for these users, the natural is desperate. Which for the promotion of Apple Watch is undoubtedly of great benefit. It is reported that, in addition to measuring blood sugar, Apple is also developing other multi-functional strap, most of which are related to health data, such as better monitoring of sleep and so on. As we all know, Apple Watch products after a generation of fashion routes and second-generation sports routes, the third generation of products should be the main health card, and this card if played well, perhaps more than the first two cards more direct, because this can be said to be a sense of just need to be applied. But Apple is not able to accurately achieve this health demands, will directly determine whether its next-generation Apple Watch can bring a new growth key.


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