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15 phrases for Father's Day

Orlando Bloom and his son taking a walk on the beach

The Spanish novelist Mateo Alemán said that "there is no word or brush that comes to manifest father's love" and the truth is that we rarely verbalize in our day to day the affection and gratitude we feel towards those around us. On the occasion of Father's Day we collect the best phrases so that you can dedicate to yours those beautiful words that you deserve so much.

How to express in just a couple of lines the feelings of a lifetime ?, the love of those who, literally, have given everything? Intellectuals, writers or unforgettable characters of the cinema have already been in charge of leaving us phrases for posterity, in that attempt to express what a father means for his children.

We collect the best to share them on your Facebook (now that you have finally accepted as a friend), upload it to your Instagram or to send it for that Whatsapp that you installed one day (and at what time!) ... In short, to congratulate you on having decided that it is your day, even if he is "available" and online for you all the others.

Phrases to congratulate your father on his day

" If you learn a little trick, you'll get better with everyone: you'll never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view ." Atticus Finch to his daughter in Kill a nightingale.

' My father was an incredible man. The older I was, the smarter I was . Mark Twain, writer and journalist.

' By the time a man realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks his father is wrong .' Charles Wadsworth, musician.

' When I was fourteen, my father was so ignorant that I could not bear him. But when I turned twenty-one, it seemed incredible how much my father had learned in seven years . ' Mark Twain, writer and journalist.

' Never let anyone tell you that you can not do something. Not even me. If you have a dream, protect it . ' Will Smith in In Search of Happiness.

'The best legacy of a father to his children is a little of his time each day '. OA Battista, writer.

' When a newborn boy squeezes his father's finger with his little fist for the first time, he has him trapped forever .' Gabriel García Márquez, writer.

' Having children does not make one a father, just as having a piano does not make him a pianist .' Michael Levine, American publicist.

' A man who does not spend time with his family will never be a real man '. Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in The Godfather .

' A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love' . Denis Lord, Canadian novelist.

' My father used to say: do not raise your voice, improve your argument '. Desmond Tutu, South African pacifist.

' I'm just brave when I should be, being brave does not mean going looking for trouble '. Mufasa in The Lion King .

' Give your children enough money to do something, but not enough to do nothing .' George Clooney as Matt King in The Descendants .

' The dream of the hero is to be great everywhere and small next to his father '. Victor Hugo, French novelist.

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