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5 diets to lose weight

5 diets to lose weight

Turkey, Romeritos, baked leg, kings thread, among other foods, cause women and men to increase up to eight kilos during Christmas celebrations. Like every year, one of the most common purposes is to lose weight, not only to start this new cycle in shape, but also to counteract the excesses of eating and drinking.

Currently there are numerous plans for weight loss: some that promise short-term results and others more aimed at changing eating habits. "When you start a diet, people should be aware that it is a permanent change and that it usually takes time. It is important to set real goals so as not to give up on the goal and notice the evolution, "says nutritionist Marcela Hernández Alonso. Here are the most effective eating methods to get rid of those extra pounds.


Inscribed on UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is one of the most complete regimes for a healthy and balanced diet. The base of their dishes are vegetables and cereals - preferably whole - while the meats serve as a garnish. Also included are fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil. Consumption of dairy products is moderate, while white meat intake is preferred - as is the case with red ones. According to studies, with this diet can reduce by up to 30% the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease given the products it contemplates.


This plan is used as an alternative for patients with obesity. "This is a personalized program whose goal is not only weight loss, but the change of habits, that is, that the patient adopts a new way of life so that the results will last and there will be no rebound," said David Aguilar, Specialist in the Pronokal protein diet. The method is divided into three stages: active, physiological adaptation and maintenance. During the first, the person loses up to 80% of their weight. In the second phase, the body adapts to the physiological changes, the remaining pounds are eliminated and in the latter the patient is followed up to maintain his goal.


Based on the balance between ying and yang, this traditional method helps to improve health and solve nutritional deficiencies. Foods considered yin are those that grow in the dark or under the ground - carrots, mushrooms, tubers -, moist - tomato, lemon, aquatic - those that come from the sea - and the derivatives of terrestrial animals. Yang products are associated with light and dryness, including asparagus, peppers, soy, as well as meats such as chicken and lamb. They recommend to people with high temperature, to avoid the yang in their meals, whereas those who have obesity must be cautious with the ingestion of foods yin.


This plan focuses mainly on the consumption of foods of vegetable origin, such as vegetables, vegetables and fruits, thanks to their high nutrient content, they contribute low calories, help to purify the body and decrease fat and cholesterol. The products included in this diet generally have a lot of fiber and give a feeling of satiety in people. Celery, broccoli, spinach, watercress, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, pear and apple are listed in the list of foods to consume. It is not recommended for people with digestive problems and should be supervised by a professional. It should not be kept for more than two weeks.


Considered for the seventh consecutive year the best diet in the world by the US News & World Report rankings and analysis platform, this regime is effective in maintaining a healthy weight in the long term without starving people, in addition to helping to reduce High blood pressure, cholesterol and fats in the blood. The DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) eating plan contemplates the intake of low-fat or low-fat vegetables, fruits, and dairy products; Grains, pulses, seeds, nuts and vegetable oils; Fish, poultry and lean meats; Reduced consumption of salt, red meats, sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

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