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6 Myths You Must Stop Believing About Birth Control Pills

Several scientific studies prove that contraceptive pills do no harm and may even be good for health
Few things have brought so much freedom to women and few have been so vilified. Since the 1930s when a method of controlling female fertility was started, the contraceptive pill has found many enemies among religious and conservative groups. In fact, if not for the pair of feminists Margaret Sanger and Katharine Dexter McCormick, who pushed the project in the fifties, women would still be locked up at home having one son after another.

According to the study Myths and contraceptive methods published by PROMSEX (Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights), both the lack of sex education in our country and the taboo with respect to sex that still hold many sectors of society, have generated a Infinity of erroneous beliefs that have led women away from the contraceptive pill, not only because they do not know how to use it, but also because of the fear of its side effects.

1. It should not be taken for prolonged periods

It depends on what you mean by 'prolonged'. It has been proven that the use of the pill for uninterrupted periods of up to 10 years has no relation to the development of diseases. Unfortunately, there are even doctors who have the belief that there is a need to 'rest' from the pill, but the truth is that its continuous use is highly safe and even recommended.

2. It will give you Cancer

It is completely proven that it is not. Taking birth control pills even decreases the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, and even suffer from cardiovascular problems. The development of cancer in someone using birth control pills has more to do with factors such as genetic predisposition, promiscuity, sexually transmitted infections, smoking, drinking and not exercising.

3. You can become sterile

The greatest myth of all. The effect of birth control pills can stay in the body for up to nine months, but 80% of women get pregnant a year of discontinuing their use, most even before, so be sure to make your plans well.

4. It is for adults only

This idea arises from the concern that providing adolescents with contraceptives is a risk to their emotional health and a 'license for debauchery'. The issue is that, with or without permission, a couple of teenagers with hormone-swallowed brain can hardly think clearly, and a poor sexual experience is preferable to the risk of an early pregnancy or an abortion. Usually, any woman who has already started menstruating can take contraceptives.

5. You put on an unbearable genius and decreases sexual desire

There is no scientific evidence that oral contraceptives are determinants for mood changes or to reduce libido in women. In many cases it has been proven that these feelings have more to do with factors such as a bad relationship, economic problems, etc.

6. Get fat, give you migraine and you get acne

Neither. The hormones contained in the pill may even help improve the skin. As for gaining weight, this happens because almost always the use of the pill coincides with a change in lifestyle, such as getting married and starting to eat the same thing as your husband. While it is not recommended for those who suffer from severe chronic migraine, it does not generate headaches and may help control the common migraine.

Current contraceptive pills handle combined hormones in low doses and this has minimized side effects. As in everything, each case is particular, so it is very important that you do not self-medicate and that is a Gynecologist who tells you which is the option that best fits your background and lifestyle.

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