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6 things you should never do when traveling to another city

Tourism has something paradoxical. On the one hand, it is an important source of income and a good generator of employment for a country like ours, which relies heavily on the tertiary sector. On the other hand, the authenticity of the area that receives visitors in a massive way remains. Business, catering, etc. Are modified to please the strangers and the native population is being displaced by the transformation of residential areas by the proliferation of reconverted apartments that are rented through platforms such as Airbnb.

The phenomenon , therefore , implies an important impact for the inhabitants , and it is normal that they appear frictions that take off of hiccup the natives. A recent thread from Reddit has asked, precisely, people accustomed to coexist with tourists what is the most irritating of their customs.

If you are a conscientious traveler who wants to go unnoticed without causing annoyance and without anyone hanging on to the motto of ' guiri ' where you leave footprints, keep in mind the following advice from those who do not support those who are off their land because They behave as if they are in it.

1. Use the meter correctly

One of the users of the aforementioned thread laments those tourists who stand at the end of the stairs , when they leave the suburban, to locate or look at the map on the mobile, becoming an obstacle for the rest.

From the airports we usually take the subway carrying our huge suitcases on their backs, which are a hindrance, both for us and for other passengers. It is important to have a little delicacy in that sense: use the elevators when appropriate, or place the bundles in front of you on escalators, not at your side, preventing the flow of other users.

6 things you should never do when traveling to another city

The way in which the public transports are used is very different from one city to another, and for example there are the Italian cities. The delicacy and courtesy are not common among Roman transport passengers and a person who does not adapt to that pace is a problem for the rest. Try to adapt to how the locals behave. If you play polite, act properly, if you have to be aggressive prepare to get elbows.

2. Do not stand still

If you want to admire a place that gives you a particular interest, either to take a photo or simply to contemplate it more calmly, first look for a place where you do not slow down the traffic of pedestrians or other users of the road.

One user points out: "I lived for a while in West Hampstead and went through the Abbey Road studios (where Beatles albums were recorded) every day. I always thought, 'Get the hell out of zebra, I'm trying to get to work!'

3. Respect the animals

If your nature tourism is responsible and respect the local flora and fauna . An Australian redittor laments the lack of awareness in this regard: "Whether they feed them (animals) any food that can make them sick, or because they use the flash that stuns them , Or for simple things like not picking up waste.

6 things you should never do when traveling to another city

In spite of the affection that some species awaken, the tourism of excursion or of safarí can pose a real danger for the reckless visitor. A user wants to make those who resort to these trips understand that "animals are not precisely domestic, they are wild. Stop feeding them and caress them or you will be hurt, trampled or attacked. "

4. Do not let them rip you off

"Do not give money to that guy with scabs that is in the station and he tells you that he can not afford a train ticket to get to the airport. He does not go on a trip, he is in that place every day dropping the same scam " Secures the redditor that hides behind the name of 'MaggotMinded'.

From the moment you stand out as a tourist, you are the target of pickpockets , scammers and even abusive salespeople who can take advantage of your confidence. If you have any doubts about possible fraud, protect yourself by always responding with a no and control your belongings.

5. Buy authentic things

Cities are filled with souvenir shops and local shops selling objects that surpass 'kitsch'. He laments the London web user with the pseudonym 'CourageOfOthers': "Go to the M & M's store? But who can do that? How can you come to London and think that buying a stuffed toy from your favorite chocolate bar represents somehow some kind of London experience? "

6 things you should never do when traveling to another city

6. Be sensitive to residents

According to an Internet user who lived in Belfast's Northern Ireland city, "it is becoming increasingly popular for tourism. My apartment is very close to the Titanic Museum . I love eating breakfast on my balcony, but Asian tourists like to take pictures of me when the homeless bus passes right by. "

Many citizens can feel truly attacked if you treat them as an attraction. If you decide to visit the Bronx district in New York, a Rio de Janeiro favela or the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem do not be surprised to receive at least a good scolding of its inhabitants if you start to take pictures. Cautioned falls.

Map, hat and camera. A tourist that looks a league.

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