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8 things you should never do if you are sure of yourself

8 things you should never do if you are sure of yourself

All of us at some point have had problems of existentialism, we feel that we are in the wrong place. We look back and believe that we have done nothing, that the dream of children is not, does not pretend to be and also does not see coming in the near future.

These are

We feel disconcerted because we do not know what to do, we feel empty with no direction, but in this type of situation is it where we can evaluate how strong we are and how we act in the face of negatives? His reaction is to understand his reality without solving anything, New goals, find their strengths, learn or resign?

Think about it and if the answer is not what you expected, rethink your path, believe in yourself. Just as we all have weaknesses, we also have strengths to find them and make them a "little gold".

Now, do not think that because you have too much security you will pass over others and you will become an egotist, not, on the contrary one should be balanced, not act with pride but not defensively to prove that it is A "hard bone to crack". 

The first advice is that he does not lie to himself or to others. Do not pretend to be what you are not, accept your reality and when you do seek to have a positive view of your qualities, have complete control of your body and energy. The last advice: Believe in yourself and you will see that others will trust you.

Do you want to know if you really have self-confidence? Well, no need to bluff to recognize it, analyze these six things, if you do is because you definitely do not have enough confidence to achieve what you propose:

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    1. Call attention: only you and no one else knows what you have done and the effort that has put you into things to meet a goal. Do not desperately seek praise or compliments from others because you do not need approval from anyone but yourself.

    2. Judge: you have heard this phrase: "do not compare yourself with others because you will feel vain and bitter" or "do not look at the straw in the eye of others". Precisely, a person who has confidence in himself avoids doing this to the maximum because he knows that comparing limits him and that he wastes his time worrying about the other or evaluating them.
      3. Let the lack of money be an obstacle: self-confident people do not accept a "no" for an answer, they are not intimidated when someone tells them that they can not because they have no money, because they are "poor" or because they are not Have a title. Rather, they find the opportunity on one side or the other, they think about getting what they want to as it happens.

      4. To avoid conflict: to act intelligently is not to depart from problems or discussions, of course, nor is it to cling to others by taking an arrogant position. The best reaction and self-assurance is to think of the problem as an opportunity to manage something effectively. They are clear that discussions are part of life as uncomfortable as they may be.

      5. Wait for your permission:  Can you solve a problem if your boss or team leader is not there? Well, a person with enough confidence does not have to waste his time on questions like: Can I ...? Should…? Rather, it gives possible solutions and participates in the development of ideas.

      6. Making excuses: Safe people do not have in their repertoire the "but they can not" because they take control in their lives. It's hard to see them complaining about something they should do. They take their experiences as a challenge, since, they know that if they do, they succeed.

      7. Surrender: This word is not in the lexicon of a person who is sure of itself, failures are obstacles to overcome. However, this does not mean that they keep trying again and again, rather they are often wary of finding in which part of the process or path the mistake was made.

      8. Leave things for later: the terrible error of procrastination is not committed by people with self-confidence. They believe that actions should be worked as soon as possible to achieve the objectives, they think that what is really important is the present, because if you work hard with it, the results in the future will come in addition.

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