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Amazing story of panic and madness in Hawaii

Amazing story of panic and madness in Hawaii

Lono was the great king of Hawaii. Loved and feared by all the tribes of the islands, owner of a "superhuman" force, he was elevated to the rank of god. He was unbeatable in the fighting; Lived in an invariable present of celebrations and arbitrariness. But, little by little, he was fed up with that monotony and decided to go to the sea in search of new adventures. Before leaving, he promised to return and his faithful promised to wait for him. So they did, for centuries. Then Captain Cook arrived and the natives believed that their god had returned.

In the late 1980s, the unknown magazine "Running" proposed Hunter S. Thompson to cover the Honolulu Marathon. By then Thompson, the creator of "gonzo journalism," had already written his most famous texts - The Rum Diary , The Great Shark Hunt , Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas -, had refused to interview Alexander Haig and Jimmy Carter, and He felt close to retirement. He was beginning to feel tired of this monotony; He needed to go to sea in search of new adventures.

Cook landed on a bay that, as he later learned, was called "The Road of the Gods." He was received with the highest honors. Thousands of natives were greeted from the cliffs waving white cloths. There were banquets and processions. Even King Terreeoboo went to prostrate before him. At every step they pointed and said, "Lono."

Thompson agreed to travel on the condition that his friend, the English artist Ralph Steadman accompany him. The idea was to spend a week in Honolulu, cover the marathon-run it, even-, and then move to Kona Island to wait for the new year. But since the outward flight, fate began to twist.

Amazing story of panic and madness in Hawaii

The boredom of modern man

The curse of Lono  (Ed. Sixth Floor) is the result of that delirious passage of Thompson by Hawaii. An incorrect chronicle plagued by references to Cook's trip, a vignette of an untamed population, a scathing criticism of upper-class tourism.

At 13.99 euros , Frédéric Beigbeder says he recognizes the origin of modern man's problems: "Boredom horrifies him," he writes. Hunter S. Thompson would then be the archetype of modern man. Even the four-hour first-class flight was so tiring that he needed to play it to feel something. So he ends up getting drunk in the plane bar next to a man who spent more than 40 minutes locked in the bathroom while the steward and the steward on board threatened to arrest him. He quickly realized that the guy had dropped a bottle of cocaine to the toilet and spent all that time trying to get it back. And when he finally found it, he left the bathroom, went to the bar, started talking to Thompson and ended up giving away half.

The week in Honolulu and the Marathon Chronicle happen too fast. Anyway, that text came out in time and in 1983 was reproduced by Playboy magazine. Then they went on to Kona, where adventure and hell crossed. The hostile climate confined them to a claustrophobic horror of voracious storms and waves shattering the coast.

Boring and with nothing to do, with Steadman and his family in a state of hysteria, Thompson set out to wait for Christmas throwing hundreds of firecrackers, squandering thousands of dollars and consuming alcohol and drugs in industrial quantities.

Thompson seems to have a radar to locate the unlikely characters. One goes by drunkards, smugglers, thieves, corrupt fishermen. In a break from the storm, Steadman manages to return to England, but he wants to stay for another week to finish writing: in the end spend six more months, in an incredible state. It's hard to believe that someone has lived that way and been able to tell it. Plan scams, organize marijuana shipments to Texas using postal mail, crash a Ferrari 308 at full speed. It is a universe of uncontrol in which the tension never stops increasing.

Amazing story of panic and madness in Hawaii

I am Lono

When after a long stay, Cook finally decides to continue trip to Tahiti, the ship suffers a breakdown and is forced to return. He had left after exhausting almost all the resources and food of the natives. And now he was back. Even your crew is irritated. Nobody expected them and no one will receive them. The next morning, King Terreeoboo arrives at the bay, but he is very upset: "Why are you back?"

In July, Thompson sent a letter to Steadman: "I was forced to flee after the realtors hired some thugs to get me killed, but they made a mistake and killed a local haole . That I was leaving, they killed a fisherman and threw him into the waters of the port, where he remained floating on his stomach, or they strangled him with a brake cable and left him in a jeep in the street in front of the Manago Hotel. There are many different versions. "

Between Cook's crew and the population there is an evident flow of hostility. One night they steal a small boat and some sailors decide to do justice by their own hand and they kill a tribal chief. It is the spark that ignites the wick. Cook promises to start an investigation, but it is too late. Out of the crowd comes a man brandishing a Samoan mace. It takes a moment before giving him a terrible blow to the head. "When will Lono come back?" Asks the king. Someone tries to comfort him: "Soon," he says.

After so long on the island, the inhabitants refuse to attend Thompson. They no longer believe that he has stayed to write a chronicle, something dark must be plotting. You are barred from entering bars. In the paroxysm of delirium, Thompson goes fishing with Captain Steve - the owner of a fishing boat with whom he nearly died a couple of times - and returns with a 150-kilo swordfish. "We got mad, Ralph, roaring," he writes to Steadman. "They said my screams could be heard half a mile away." The large crowd waiting for them in the harbor listens with horror and fascination to Thompson, who, standing at the prow wielding a Samoan mace, shouts: "I am Lono! I am Lono!"

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