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At what time do I go jogging? Pros and cons of running day or night

¿ What is the best time to go running ? Is a complicated question to answer because it does not have a valid universal answer for all athletes. The best time of day to practice our favorite sport depends on many factors that must be taken into account, and that can change from some runners to others, both personal and external factors that we can not control - the stations, for example: no It's the same to run at 19:00 in the winter than to do it in the summer.

In the same way, it is also very important to take into account the schedule in which we train to adapt our body, the diet and the guidelines that we follow. So what are the differences between going out to run at the first hour and the last of the day?

Running in the morning: pros and cons

Running early in the day is a great way to start the day. Training just before breakfast or going to work is the goal of many runners , but it requires an extra willpower, because it also means getting up a little early and overcoming the temptation to stay in bed by delaying the alarm clock.

Taking off on the asphalt a few miles in the morning means running fast- or almost, unless we have breakfast before leaving, so we will have to get up early. Usually it is a way to burn reserves and accelerate the metabolism, but you have to get used to it and we will miss that energy if it is a demanding training.

There is no perfect time to go running.

At a psychological level, running early in the day will help us clear up faster and order ideas for the rest of the day. Of course, you have to remember that you just got out of bed and, therefore, the body temperature is lower: it is essential to perform a good warm-up to adapt the body to muscular and cardiovascular level.

Climate is key to deciding whether to run early or late in the day. In winter, it will get colder in the first hour, but in summer, with the high temperatures that reach as the day progresses, running in the first hour may be the only option to avoid the embarrassment.

Why run at night or at the last minute

One of the main differences running when the day is already advanced is that the body takes several hours active in every way, and that is why various studies over the last few years have established that the performance can become greater. The body temperature is already normal and it surrenders more, just as the probability of injury is reduced - especially compared to the intense morning exercise without heating.

On a psychological level, exercising at the last minute can be tackled in two ways. On the one hand, running after a day of work or study is a great way to clear yourself, a natural therapy to get rid of stress that also improves physical fitness. However, this can also be the other side of the coin, as you will also be more tired and in this case will have to fight the temptation to dine soon and throw yourself on the couch.

Running at night requires extra safety measures.

What about rest? It is possible that after a high intensity training it will take a little longer to fall asleep , so it would be advisable to leave at least an hour until going to bed to allow the body to completely return to calm. Nor is it worth remembering that when it comes to going for a night run, extreme caution , especially more visible, using reflective elements in the textile or running clothes, as well as lights if necessary because it goes To train in a zone of greater traffic.

There is no 'perfect time' to go out to run or everyone has the same obligations, commitments or needs, but do not forget that, beyond the hours, the key is to create the habit of running, whether in Any moment.

At what time is it best to practice running?

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