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Ciberstalking or how to make life impossible to another

Ciberstalking or how to make life impossible to another

Madrid, June 3 (EFE) .- Calls with hidden number incessantly, mass mailings, continuous messages on social networks ... If you suffer this "stalking" online is a victim of ciberstalking, a growing phenomenon that is already a crime In which take refuge of revenge of exparejas or obsessions with famous.

Aupado by Internet, the harassment of the whole life has given in the last year the jump to the new forms of communication, especially with the social networks, where the real identity of a person can camuflarse to persecute virtually to another person until arriving to intimidate it .

Conscious of this behavior, the last reform of 2015 of the Criminal Code introduced in its article 172 the persistent harassment or, in Anglo-Saxon terminology stalking or ciberstalking, to refer to a crime that, without becoming the one of threats or injuries, affects the Freedom and sense of security of the victim.

A criminal offense that punishes with punishments from 3 months to 2 years in prison whoever harasses a person in a persistent and repeated way seriously altering their daily lives.

Less than a month ago, the Supreme Court ruled for the first time on this new offense after a woman asked to apply this typology to her ex-wife who harassed her in a week with night calls, sending intimidating photos and various claims of objects Personal information.

In this case, it was dismissed the appeal to the court that the conduct suffered by the woman did not comply with the "systematic" pattern of harassment "with a vocation of some temporary perpetuation," ie to be attributed to someone a cyber-talking It is necessary "a methodical sequence of actions that oblige the victim, as the only way escape, to vary their daily habits".

From the Group of Telematic Crimes (GDT) of the Operational Central Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard explain to Efe that this crime has increased in the last, especially among exparejas, who "crush" the other and take advantage of everything They know about the victim to harass her.

But where ciberstalking has emerged with more force, they warn from this specialized unit, it is among public figures, especially among actresses, singers or journalists with whom they obsess fans who do not hesitate to "siege" them by social networks to the point of That some are forced to temporarily close their Twitter.

It is not necessary to reach this end, says the Civil Guard, which gives some guidelines to deal with this stalking. As a rule of thumb, do not respond to any mention of the stalker, because what you are looking for is that exchange and then block that profile, email or mobile.

"If the behavior does not cease, it is necessary to denounce," the investigators point out that the research to find the person behind this harassment is not excessively complex so it is easy to reach the person and stop it.

Tackling these behaviors remains one of Twitter's biggest challenges. After ten years of life of 140 characters, the giant of "microblogging" announced two months ago new measures against harassment.

It is possible that a user can mute tweets containing certain words, that have as profile picture the avatar of Twitter (the so-called "egg") or profiles that do not bear any account a verified mail or phone number.

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