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Coconut for everything, but why?

Coconut for everything, but why?

Coconut is a tropical fruit. It is not a novelty. Always associated with those idyllic postcards of paradisiacal places like Malaysia or South Asia (areas where it is cultivated) with beautiful and very beautiful models ( straw through), for decades it is not complicated to find on this side of the ocean and, yes, maybe So feel closer to there.

So far, everyone agreed. But this is not a simple ode to the coconut and to the places paradisiacos or the exoticism. It turns out that in this beneficial endeavor to lead an increasingly healthy life and diet coupled with the information about it to which we are subjected, the coconut is today the food chosen both in nutrition and beauty, as it will happen in its Day with the pineapple or with the avocado (this one is still still disputing him the crown).

It is not only its attractive appearance and its smell, which seduces so many people (more than mythical is the fragrance of Yves Rocher that triumphs especially among teenagers), if not its important benefits to the body that should be highlighted Face to know why today is the star.

At the gates of summer and facing those who practice physical exercise habitually, the first thing to keep in mind is its high moisturizing power due to its rich content in mineral salts.

And it is that of the coconut it takes advantage of the interior meat, but also its water and its milk. In fact, you do not need to go to the neighborhood eco store to find the latter. There are already many brands (even white ) that have succumbed to include it in their offer. An example is the large supermarket chains.

As with soy milk and later with almond milk, now the coconut is at the top. Why? It contains what is necessary for a balanced diet as well as a great healing power: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins (high amounts of Vitamin E, which is antioxidant), minerals and, importantly, contains neither glucose nor fructose despite Its sweet taste that can lead you to think of a high sugar content.

In addition, for the intolerant and / or allergic, it does not contain lactose. And for its lauric acid, it is antibacterial and antiviral.

And, eye, because not only is it used to supplement breakfasts and snacks mainly with cereals as balanced as oats or muesli, for example, but also is widely used as an ingredient for cooking.

Coconut for everything, but why?

Very common in the East in this sense, especially in Southeast Asia, traditionally for its kindness to treat acute diarrhea, is the star complement of some of its dishes already extended to our country, and more with the boom of Indian food today In day, like curried rice with chicken.

So far the basics, so to speak. But apart from also finding our protagonist in sweets in most of the bakeries and pastry shops, which also appear at times in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and on many occasions simply sprinkled to give their personal touch, there is much more but something more unknown By the majority.

In selected stores like the new eco Acre in the neighborhood of Malasaña (C / Noviciado, 18), this fruit is found in dice. And is that this is an ideal complement to accompany salads, yogurts and milk.

Of course there is no shortage of ideas to take advantage of this fruit from start to finish. And much less with the current warning about the abundance of the harmful palm oil, very common in processed foods, and whose questioning is also taking advantage of the coconut.

Yes, coconut oil can be a good substitute for other oils. One of the main reasons is that despite being a fat, it helps to lose weight because it accelerates our metabolism quickly becoming energy.

And, the same, today is such a role that is also easy to locate in the shelves of major supermarkets.

The oil, in addition, also takes advantage of its power in the field of beauty. It is true that its use is not new for that smell so rich and sweet as well as for its high moisturizing power (always associated with any oil in general), but it has now mutated in many more options in this area.

For two years, in Hollywood many consider it an elixir. Famous as Miranda Kerr or Gwyneth Paltrow include it every day: as a mask for the hair while sleeping, applied on the tips to protect them, as a mouthwash, as a make-up remover ...

You will find it in firms like the aforementioned Yves Rocher, The Body Shop or Pure Fuji.

If you have not gone to the coconut yet, you do not want to ...

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