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Definitive guide to "cure" the hangover

Definitive guide to "cure" the hangover

Nights of debauchery, mornings of Ibuprofen: the Spanish refranero is seldom mistaken. It is very likely that being a woman in her twenties - and part of her thirties - the hangover is more faithful companion on Sundays than the total of lovers you have had to date. It's those lost days when you wake up with the face of another woman, her mouth drier than the more arid areas of the Moroccan desertand her head as if the protagonist of Whiplash had spent the night rehearsing the most important test Of his career within. You know what I'm talking about.

That "bad body" that translates into dizziness, dark circles and a tiredness that will accompany you the rest of the day. If in a moment of desperation you have entered Google and finished here we have a good and bad news. The bad thing is that there is no miracle cure. The good thing is that there are a lot of remedies that will help you get out of bed.

Water: the magic elixir Despite what it may seem, the hangover is not produced by a mysterious black magic spell. It is the response of your body to the intake of large amounts of alcohol the night before. Alcohol dehydrates our body since it inhibits the hormone that is responsible for the reserve of liquids. Dehydration is the main cause of that headache that does not allow you to have a coherent conversation, so the main remedy to get away from that suffering is to drink a lot of water.

Try to suppress that first instinct to prepare coffee just rise. Caffeine dehydrates. And we do not want to start over.

Finally, how to prevent is always better than cure, for the next spree follows these two tips: try to drink a glass of water between glass and glass and, to be able to be, another before going to sleep. The hangover will not be so terrible if you keep your body hydrated.

One of vitamins, please

Do you remember the final scene of The Exorcist when Father Karras forces the demonic creature out of the girl's body? Something similar has to do with the alcohol that still flows through your veins. Every time you got up thinking "I think I'm still drunk" was because, in fact, you were still a little drunk.

And the best thing to take out demons is a good dose of vitamins. Orange juice will provide Vitamin C . Other delicacies such as banana, nuts or avocado contain B6 , also known as Pyridoxine , a vitamin that helps activate liver enzymes (the organ you thrashed last night) that is also responsible for releasing all Toxins. To end this vitamin overdose, nothing better than a tomato juice - not to be confused with Bloody Mary - which contains potassium, magnesium and phosphorus and will activate your muscles to the point that you can get to the remote control.

Is there a doctor in the room?

If these healthy tips still can not kill your inner demons, you may need to go to the medicine cabinet. If so, remember: aspirin and ibuprofen are your best allies. Paracetamol, however, would make your liver work more heavily. Do not you think you made him work enough last night?

Five more minutes

If the party was one of those that make history, it is very probable that you have slept with your leg touching the ground asking every ten minutes what the hell you do sleeping inside a merry-go-round. Alcohol also alters our sleep cycle, so the next day you feel like someone has beaten you up. The most effective remedy is, once hydrated, to return to bed. There is nothing that does not cure a good nap.

Do what?

Although the last thing you want to do right now is to move, moderate exercise - such as jogging or swimming - is recommended when you are under a hangover. The reason is that putting your body into action through sport will cause your body to metabolize - and expel - the better the alcohol.

Okay, that you say does not mean no. At least take a shower of cold water, you will stimulate and awaken your body. It's not like running, but ...

Drop the phone!

Neither Chinese, nor pizza, nor hamburger. Although often said that "the body is wise" this time does not need what you think it needs. He thinks that in addition to your liver, your stomach also took a good beating yesterday so that foods high in fat and difficult to digest are the least recommended. What your body is asking for is actually sugars because the hangover causes hypoglycemia: yogurts, vegetables or pasta can make your body stop feeling the other way around, in addition to all the rich, healthy and vitaminized foods that we remember previously.

Now, thanks to this series of tips there will be no hangover to resist you. Except New Year's Eve, of course. And the night of San Juan probably. And the wedding of your best friend, you do not get that. Anyway, drink in moderation.

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