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Do not give up the pasta! How and when to take it so that it does not fatten you

Diets that demonize carbohydrates and promise spectacular weight loss have become fashionable in the last decade. And with that claim, carbohydrates - with pasta as the headliner - have become the bad guys in the movie and have been marginalized from food. They even have been insulted with names like fat-dehydrated. Do they deserve that food bully they have been subjected to? The answer is no, but you can learn to eat them to provide the necessary nutrients and not end up adding extra pounds.

Do not condemn spaghetti to ostracism.

Choose the best option

If you want to lose weight, you will not have to give up the pasta, but you must take into account the dressings and the rations. Obviously, a pasta dish with carbonara sauce, sprinkled with bacon bits is not the best choice for the scale to reward you with good news. Instead, a spiral salad with tomatoes and zucchini is a healthy dish that will not add extra pounds. You should also look at the rations . In some diets it is advised that the pasta serves as a garnish, instead of taking a large plate and repeating as if there was a tomorrow. But all this is not because the pasta is bad in itself, but because if you are on a diet, it is best not to rustle with the portions.

Slimming paste

The Italians are hopeless that their culinary patriotic pride has been declared one of the reasons why we can not lose weight. Perhaps because of this, a group of researchers from this country, specifically from the Neuromus Institute of Pozzilli, showed that these accusations were nothing less than insults in a study published in Nutrition & Diabetes Journal. And not only that: they came to show that pasta consumption could also be related to weight loss. To do this, they analyzed 23,000 people and concluded that those who drank regularly but in moderation had a narrower waist than those who did not. And the key, again, is in moderation.


To dispense with any nutrient is not good. In fact, approximately 55% of the calories we eat should belong to the carbohydrate group. In addition to getting proper nutrition, we will also get some more prizes. Taking pasta helps metabolize better vitamins and minerals, according to a study by the National Pasta Association of the United States. In fact, those who had banished this dish from their diet, could not assimilate these nutrients as optimally as those who relished a good plate of macaroni. In addition, it was found that those who drank a plate of pasta ate less fats and added sugars than those who passed past the pasta dishes.

It makes you smarter

The brain feeds on  glucose  and is housed in carbohydrates. Depriving our minds of this food totally will make us feel fatigued and have that sensation of not giving foot with ball. The brain needs them to function optimally and  not to launch an SOS saying  it can not do more. Anyway, the ideal combination for our gray matter to work 100% is that it has glucose, but also protein.

Forget them at night.

What does seem true is that it is best to avoid consuming carbohydrates at night. Pasta, for example, does not carry large amounts of calories, in fact, they are usually about four kilocalories per gram. But what happens is that when we consume sugars and do not burn them, they become fat. And unless you like to squat in the moonlight, it is more than possible that you can not burn what you consume. On the other hand, taking them at noon, all are advantages: they give you energy to endure during what you have left of the day and also you have enough time to burn them.

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