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Famous people who died young and left small children

Famous people who died young and left small children

The journalist and conductor Ana Wino cur stated that even though she enjoyed the adrenaline of her profession, her priorities changed as a result of the birth of her son.

In an interview in 2010 he commented: "The only limitation came when my son was born, I can not seek so much adrenaline. I combine the race with my son, I have very clear my priorities, my son comes first. That does not mean I do not enjoy my work, because it's what I'm passionate about. "

His death, at age 44, surprised the world of television and reminds other famous cases that died very young and left small children.

The actress Lorena Rojas died in February 2015, at age 44 and as a result of cancer. A year earlier he had adopted a baby, whom he named Luciana. Although his partner, Jorge Monge, wanted to follow the slope of the little girl, it was Mayra Rojas who remained in her care.

Mónica Spear, Miss Venezuela 2004, was killed during an assault on her country in January 2014, when she was traveling in a vehicle with her partner and her five-year-old daughter. They were surprised by thieves, who were shot at seeing them locked in their vehicle. The former beauty queen was 29 years old.

Actress Mariana Levy died a week after turning 39 as a result of a heart attack she sustained during an assault on the CDMX. His daughter Maria was 9 years old, her daughter Paula was three years old and her son José was not yet one year old.

Jenni Rivera left four children, the youngest was eleven when the singer died in a plane crash.

Anna Nicole Smith, a former "playboy" bunny, died at age 39 of a methadone overdose. His daughter Dannielynn was only five months old.

In mysterious circumstances Natalie Wood died, Hollywood star, in 1981, when it fell of the yacht in which it traveled. His daughters were 11 and 7 years old.

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