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Firefighters fight with a huge fire in a tower of houses of the center of London

The fire could be seen from several parts of London.
London firefighters battled a massive fire in a tower of flats in the center of the capital of the United Kingdom.

Television images show how flames devour theTre Grenfell, a 27-story building in White City, not far from the Notting Hill area in the Midwest. Police were warned shortly after 1:15 am (0:15 GMT) of a "big fire". The fire department moved about 200 troops into 40 trucks.

BBC reporter Andy Moore explained that virtually the entire building was on fire and he feared it might collapse. Police reported on their Twitter account that numerous people are being treated for different types of wounds.

George Clarke, host of Channel 4 television, told the BBC: "I'm covering the ash, so bad." "I'm 100 meters away and I'm totally covered in ashes."

"It breaks the heart. I've seen someone flashing lanterns on high and obviously they can not escape." Tim Downey, another witness, told the BBC that part of the building was "completely burned."

"It has burned to the very core, it looks very bad, very bad, I've never seen anything like it, it's a huge fire," he added. "The whole building is crumbling, there is only black smoke."

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