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Foods to prevent prostate cancer

Dining curry and baked apples could be key to preventing prostate cancer. There are several natural compounds found in foods where they include some like turmeric, apple peels, red grapes ... could prevent the growth of prostate cancer.

There is research at the University of Texas at Austin stating that there are foods that can help men prevent prostate cancer. They claim that there are some combinations of nutrients that have a good effect on prostate cancer, even more than some medications for this purpose.

Minimize the risk of prostate cancer

Minimize the risk of prostate cancer

This research highlights the potential therapies found in plants, including those that have chemicals important to man. Some of these foods are turmeric, apple peel or green tea. The compounds in these foods minimize risk factors for prostate cancer and also reduce inflammation inside the male body.

People who have chronic inflammation due to infections, autoimmune diseases or disorders such as obesity will have an increased risk of cancer due to damage that occur in normal cells.

These nutrients have anti-cancer potentials and are readily available at any convenience store. You just have to increase the concentration of these foods beyond the levels found in a healthy diet to have a good effect on prostate cancer cells.

More Foods That May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

- Lycopene. Lycopene is essential for preventing prostate cancer and numerous studies point to the tomato as the protagonist to reduce the chances of this cancer. So the tomato can not miss in your diet for nothing in the world. In addition, lycopene can also be found in other red fruits (cherries, watermelon) and vegetables. In addition to preventing cancer, it also prevents the onset of other cardiovascular diseases or osteoporosis.

More Foods That May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

- Licorice root. It is a natural medicine that has been used in Eastern countries for centuries thanks to its healing properties. It contains anticancer substances such as Licochalcone-A so its consumption is ideal to slow the growth and development of any cancerous tumor.

- Flaxseed. Flaxseed is an herb that has great characteristics that help prevent cancer. You can take it in cereals or as a dietary supplement. If you do not know how to take it correctly you can go to your doctor to guide you and explain the best way to take it.

- Querecetin. Querecetin is a substance that can be found in many varieties of vegetables and fruits like apples, onions, among others.

- Zinc. Zinc is an essential element in the diet of people and is very good as it speeds healing and prevention of cancer of the prostate specifically. You can find zinc in nuts, whole grains, legumes ... do not miss your diet!

These are some foods and nutrients that you can not miss in your diet. What's more, it is very important that you maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise for good health. If you feel that you can have prostate cancer or that there is something in your health that does not let you be completely at ease, then do not hesitate to go to your doctor to do the relevant tests and rule out any other health problems that you may be suffering . In addition, it is also important that you go to your annual reviews to prevent prostate cancer and that your doctors can evaluate your current health status.

Foods to prevent prostate cancer

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