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How to customize Microsoft Edge to be more faithful to your style

How to customize Microsoft Edge to be more faithful to your style

There are several reasons to resume the use of this browser, which has been with us for a long time, but now comes improved and with more benefits than ever. Beyond its look and feel of lightness, there are some good reasons to use Edge.

One of them is that it is now possible to customize it to your liking; Change the theme of the browser and select what will be your home page and the tabs. In addition, the browser has support for extensions.

At the same time that you can adapt it to your taste, according to Microsoft, another great advantage is that it consumes 70% less resources than its competition and is much faster than internet explorer.

Customizing Edge to your liking is very simple, just go to configuration, on the upper right side of the page.

Here are some tips for Edge to run a little more as you want:

1. Change the theme.

You can change the look of Edge with two themes: Light or Dark

2. Set your home page:

Select what you would like to see when you open Edge, Microsoft offers you four options. To be very well informed: MSN, or a new page, previous pages or some specific one of your predilection. A drop-down menu will appear with the options

3. Favorites:

You can import favorites even from another browser or open them right there, by adding the url. In addition, in the same configuration section, there is a tab that you can consult to make an even more efficient use of Edge. It's called "news and tips" and has the best tips for using Edge as you prefer.

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