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How to sleep well when you do not have air conditioning

No need for August to spend heat at home. High temperatures begin from mid-May and many struggle to reconcile the dream. Sometimes, removing the blankets or the Nordic is not enough. It is so hot that resting becomes an almost impossible task. And more if you sleep accompanied (either your partner or a pet).

Dr. Meadows , a sleep disorder expert at the Dubai Dream School, has put together a list of the best tips for keeping you cool and sleeping instead of sweating and suffocating.

In our country, 30% of the population suffers from insomnia , 10% face it in a chronic way; the apnea affects 17% of men and 9% of women; Restless legs syndrome suffers 10% and narcolepsy affects 25,000 Spaniards; And 45%, suffer from problems or diseases associated with poor rest. Do not let the heat add up to having to go to bed.


Do not get frustrated and worried because it is very hot, it only generates nervousness and elevates and maintains your temperature. Keep your head cool and relax. Accept that temperature is what it is and think of something else to sleep . He uses technique 4-7-8, an expiratory exercise developed by Andrew Weil, director of Comprehensive Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Frozen bed linen

Do not be scared, you do not need to carry the bags with the croquettes or peas to the bed to cool it. What this doctor proposes is that you set the freezer your sheets in a plastic bag and the goals. A priori, it will seem crazy, but when you take them out, put in and feel the coolness, everything will make sense.

Choose cotton

Keep satin, wool, silk or polyester for when it's cold. You must choose cotton pajamas because they are weight lightweight and breathable, and promote the flow of air in your bedroom. As this material allows your skin to transpire, it also leaves the air circulation. And if you see that you still can not withstand the high temperatures, stay on a stick: sleeping naked also has many health benefits.

Create your own breeze

Not only with a fan, which sometimes is not a good solution by itself, but create current at home and enhance it. You have to keep in mind what the windows will be through which the air will come out and open them completely. Choose those that are not in rooms where you go to sleep. The air that comes out will be hotter than the one you enter, so you must rest in the rooms you are going to enter. Try to choose as exit windows those that directly face the street, where the air movement is greater.

Determine which are the air will enter and open only a little, between a half and a span. The ones that best serve as entrance are those that give to inner courtyards, where the air movement is smaller. Keep in mind what walls have received direct sunlight less time. Where there is more, there will be hot air; So use these as output windows. The layout of the house is also important, you have to minimize the obstacles between the windows of one type and the other, trying to close unnecessary rooms and make the most of the current.

Time to eat

And to drink. The summer nights lead to arrive home later, and this to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. This may have a good side, maybe at that time it will be less hot, but keep in mind that to get a better quality of sleep you should not eat or drink alcohol at least two hours before going to bed. Not only this, drinking before bed may seem like an adequate activity to facilitate sleep, but the effect in the end is that the rest gets worse. These are the key conclusions of a group of researchers who have published their work in the journal 'Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research'.

 Is it hot?


Always have a bottle of water to drink by the bed To keep it cool for longer, put it in the freezer during the day and so when you have to bring it to the room, it will thaw slowly and you can get the freshness more time. Surely more than one will think of hugging the bottle, well, why not? Test it!

Cold shower

Taking a bedtime is a quick and easy way to lower the temperature and cool down. But do not put it too cold, do not go to espabilarte and fail to catch the dream.

If you do not get all these tips to sleep, maybe it's time to save a little and buy an air conditioner or a penguin. So surely do not pass heat and you can sleep peacefully and without worries.

This is not the solution.

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