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I am a nutritionist and I detest the calorie count

I am a nutritionist and I detest the calorie count

"Food can not be labeled good or bad because it's not," says May. However, that does not prevent us from judging them from their numbers. When you label a food as bad based on its caloric content (or carbohydrates or fat ...), you try to avoid it as if it were the devil. "However, deprivation is actually a powerful trigger of cravings, which can eventually lead to overeating when we do not 'give in' to that donut or when you are very tired," he points out.

When people base their menus on the number of calories, they end up eating more nutrient-poor foods, which will not leave them satiated. Think about how many times you eat a snack of less than 100 calories but you end up eating the whole package. So, no matter how low in calories your snack is ... it will not make you lose weight, but it will ruin your diet, says the nutritionist. Also, you have to break the habit of eating when you are not hungry.

Instead of focusing on the caloric content of your pecking, think about whether you are actually hungry, regardless of the calories of your craving.

Counting calories prevents you from enjoying yourself

Counting calories makes food a mathematical problem, when in reality it is a very complex psychological, physical and social activity. All this calculation of numbers, portions and measures keeps us focused on "being good" instead of "feeling good". "The main problem of calorie or carbohydrate counts or anything else is that it prevents you from living your life," says the nutritionist. "

When you track exactly how many calories you consume, it is very difficult for you to enjoy the foods you love without guilt or distraction. And that will keep you from focusing on what food really means: fuel for your body and your soul. You will not be satisfied, which will prevent weight loss, "he says.

Focusing on calories to meet a predetermined goal could clash with what your body needs each day. "And that does not make sense," he assures us. Since each day is different, it is ridiculous to think that we have to adapt exactly to the same number of daily calories. "Some days you'll be more active. Some days your hormonal fluctuations will change your appetite: sometimes you will overeat and the next day you will not be hungry, "he says.

The most important thing is to tune in the signs of hunger, without focusing so much on calories. Which brings us to the next point.

Calorie count ignores your body

When you eat in excess your body sends you unmistakable signs. If you have heartburn, you do not need to look at the calorie label to know what you've been through. When we start to count the calories to see how much we can eat, we lose the clues that our body sends us, assures us.

"Your body will immediately tell you that it is full ... and that feedback will help you make better decisions in the future," he warns. Regardless of whether you count calories or not, the most important thing is to listen to your body's signals that will help you better decide how much and when to eat. This is the key to conscious nutrition that will help you to have a healthy relationship with food and to lose weight in the long run.

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