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Know some of the requirements to fly with your pet

Before you buy, inquire about travel requirements

1. Requirements
Find out about the requirements and prices of the airline you will take. Each has different standards for the transport of animals.

2. Availability of quotas
Some airlines limit cabin or hold space for animal transport, so before you buy the plane ticket, you must make sure that you have a seat in the sales office or the contact center that places are available for the day you plan travel.

3. Check the size
Depending on the size, you can take your pet in a cabin or in a cellar. If you are small (usually between 7 and 10 kilos), you should make sure you get a "traveling bag" (find out about the measures accepted for cabin flight) in which your pet is comfortable and has sufficient air intakes, In the container all the time of the flight. If, on the contrary, it is a large breed, you can only transport it as a load and the guacal in which you take it will have to be rigid, with absorbent soil and metal door.

4. Padlock
Do not forget take a padlock to close during the flight the "traveling suitcase" or the guacal.

5. Discipline
The days before the trip you will have to discipline your pet, because although you die of wanting to consent during the flight and he claims your pampering when you feel so close, you will have to abstain and calm him only with your voice, as you must leave your pet all the Time between your container, which you will have to locate under the front seat.

6. International Travel
If you plan an international trip for your vacation, do not forget that you must also inform about the current regulations of the country that you arrive on the entry of animals, because in some cases there are periods of quarantine that must be kept.

7. Age of your pet
Make sure the age of your pet is apt, as some airlines prefer that the animal is over a certain age, the reason is that it must be strong enough to withstand changes in pressure and temperature of the flight.

8. Veterinary medical certificate
Generally you will have to present a veterinary medical certificate before boarding the plane, which proves the good health of the animal.

9. Immunization card
Make sure the animal is up-to-date on your vaccination and booster schedule. This measure should be applied at least two weeks prior to the trip.

10. A single pet
Usually, airlines only allow one pet per traveler. In addition, minors traveling alone are not allowed to bring pets.

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