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Lactose free milk, is it healthy?

Today, with the advancement of technology, we are more aware of the allergies and intolerances that can affect our health, so that in the market every day are more alternatives that are offered to us so we can take better care of ourselves.

Milk is usually one of the foods that can cause intolerance because it contains lactose, which can cause discomfort to those people who suffer from this problem. Therefore, we find in the stores and supermarkets a variety of different types of milk, such as rice, oats, hazel or soy.

Lactose free milk, is it healthy?
Some do not want to stop drinking cow's milk but as it contains lactose they should look for a different way to do it. That is why many brands have created the same version but without lactose, so that those intolerant people can also consume it without being wrong.

However, there are many questions that arise intolerant when taking milk without lactose, perhaps for fear of knowing if it really is free of lactose (so it can not hurt) or for those who are not intolerant To lactose, but are raised if lactose-free milk is a better choice for them.

Discover what lactose-free milk is and whether it is convenient for you according to your needs.

What is lactose-free milk?

Those who can not digest lactose well will need to drink lactose-free milk or other milk in order to avoid abdominal pain and discomfort that cow's milk can cause. However, lactose-free milk contains another substance called lactase which makes lactose containing cow's milk easier to digest by those intolerant people.

Thus, lactose is the same as conventional milk, but lactase is added as long as people with lactose intolerance can consume it with a lower risk of being ill. Therefore, it is important that you follow the advice of your doctor when taking a certain type of milk, always depending on your lactose intolerance, since you should perhaps look for an option that does not contain any lactose or lactase, such as this type milk.

The alternatives to cow's milk and lactose-free milk are all those types of vegetable milks , such as oats, hazelnuts, rice or soy, which are also healthy and have more or less positive effects on our health. The important thing is that we consult with our doctor or dietitian which is the best for us if we suffer allergies or intolerances.

Should I drink lactose-free milk if I do not have intolerance?

Lactose-free milk was created for people with intolerance to it, so it is not recommended that those who tolerate it perfectly stop using conventional milk, as our body is accustomed to this easy digestion and then creates a small intolerance At the time of taking the conventional milk, as it should make an over-effort that perhaps is no longer accustomed, causing us to feel stomach ailments or even diarrhea.

Lactose free milk, is it healthy?

For children of growing age without allergies or intolerances, it is recommended that they take the conventional cow's milk, as this gives them the calcium and vitamins they need to complete their growth. Only in case the child should stop taking this milk on the advice of a doctor or health professional should then stop taking it and look for an alternative.

Therefore, lactose-free milk is no healthier than conventional milk, but is a type of milk to which lactase is added so that people who are lactose intolerant can enjoy the same taste and with a lower Risk of feeling the pain and discomfort that can cause normal milk. When intolerance is more serious, and always under medical supervision , other types of vegetable milks should be chosen so as to avoid the discomfort caused by lactose and its derivatives.

Lactose free milk, is it healthy?

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