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Lucía Villalón, at full throttle

Lucía Villalón, at full throttle

She was recovering from a lung operation when they left her one step away from the altar. After the shock, the sports journalist of beIN Sports reemerges from her ashes. As a new image of Decléor, he tells us that time, friends and humor heal and much.

This would be the typical story boy-let-a-girl three months of the wedding ... if it were not because the protagonists are so mediatic; Is what soccer players have. Lucia had committed to the Mexican Javier "Chicharito" Hernández after going to live with him in Cologne (Germany) - the player signed for Bayer Leverkusen after his move to Real Madrid - and to couple his work as a sports journalist to the Weekends, when the first bomb arrived: they had to operate on the lungs after two spontaneous pneumothoraxes. Convalescent and unable to travel by plane, the second exploded: his partner decided to break the relationship almost at a distance ... A few weeks later, the photos of the footballer with his compatriot, actress Camila Sodi,

Lucía Villalón, at full throttle

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Does the question one ask to this is "why"?

No. The one I do is how we have come to this ... I am very believer and I know that everything has happened because God has wanted it, because if I had married him I would have been wrong. It is clear that he was neither prepared nor given the importance he owes.

After these two experiences so hard, where you have touched health and heart, one comes out reinforced?

Well, I can not say I'm at my best, the truth, but not at the worst. Out of love nobody dies; And now it is overcoming disappointment ...

You look very warlike and optimistic, that's great ...

Of course, I have my moments of downturn, especially when I get home and leave behind my family and my friends ... But I know it's a matter of time. And it has helped me to realize how well surrounded I am, how much I love mine.

Lucía Villalón, at full throttle

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From giving the news to starring her, to dodging paparazzi in your house, have you reconciled or faced the profession?

I always wanted to be a journalist and present the news with the credibility with which Ana Blanco does in TVE. And in this I continue, learning: I have gone from informing about football in the Real Madrid Channel to traveling with Formula 1 in Antena 3 and, now, again to soccer from the set of beIN Sports. The rest is circumstantial. And I get it. It is information that people demand and consume. But I would like to turn the page.

Have you had to prove double for being a woman on a field like sports journalism?

The truth is that no. Things have changed a lot in recent years and now there are many more women than before in the newsrooms. Of course, there is always some enlightened one that puts you in doubt, but it is inevitable.

Tell me as an expert for who bets as a champion of the League this season and a couple of decisive players...

For Real Madrid, although there is still much ... And I would highlight Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo; The two made big seasons last year, although in the end the balance was decided by the Portuguese.

Some time ago you were labeled as Cristiano's girlfriend because you uploaded a picture with him on Instagram, right?

It was very rare. I was surrounded by colleagues, in a plane of the team ... Florentino took the same picture! But I still act naturally, always thinking that I am doing the right thing and the best. Whatever comes next, I can not control it. The RRSS is tremendous.

You mentioned the support of your parents and your two brothers, Borja and Maria. Who are you closer to?

My sister Maria ( @mariavillalonpuras ) and I are a pineapple. She is a model and interior designer - she was designing Pointer, one of the most fashionable restaurants - and she lives in Madrid. I adore my parents and my brother; I escape to Santander to see them whenever I can. And I'm looking forward to bringing my dog, who will be asalvajado, there on the farm.

Lucía Villalón, at full throttle
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Your brother was a rally driver (like your uncle, Chus Puras, seven times Spanish champion) and now he is a rider. What sport moves you?

I have practiced everything. I played a lot of football, which has fascinated me all my life and now I'm going to play in Barcelona with my co-workers. But I've also done hockey, horse riding, ballet and cars I also like. He comes from family, of course.

Now you have become very thin, how do you care?
I lost about seven kilos, yes ... and I will start doing Pilates, because between travel and heels, my back is fatal.

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And your beauty routine?

Very simple: wash my teeth, face and hands and give me moisturizer before going to sleep ... My mother would not let us watch TV if we did not and I continue with that routine (laughs).

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