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Microsoft Edge and Hololens: The combination of reality and fiction

There is no doubt that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. In recent years we have seen how thousands of inventions that have made life easier come to light. From the well-known smartphones, to the ever better personal computers and notebooks, to what we now call augmented reality, whose scope is unlimited with the HoloLens and the new Windows Explorer 10, Microsoft Edge.

By augmented reality is meant a set of actions that allow to expand, enhance or enhance the physical world through the application of technology, usually video or image, unlike the already known virtual reality, which disconnects you from the real world leading you to a Virtual world developed by programmers.

Now, imagine a world where you no longer need big devices to design the prototype of a car, make a Skype call or simply watch a movie, a world in which you only need a few HoloLens  to make your life easier.

Many technology companies have taken on the task of innovating in this field, bringing augmented reality to levels that no one would have imagined. Such is the case of Microsoft that has developed the HoloLens. These  are a breakthrough if augmented reality we speak, as they blend reality with holograms to create a full universe options.

Thanks to the technology they incorporate, these glasses allow you to interact with the hologram with just the movement of your hands. In addition, HoloLens have microphones that allow you to dictate voice commands to perform different tasks.

All this thanks to Microsoft Edge, the new browser that promises to be, along with the HoloLens, the tool of the future. Thanks to this alliance it will be possible to enjoy the content of your favorite web pages and the best widgets of the explorer by just putting on your glasses.

The technology that this device offers is not only for personal entertainment: the applications of these glasses are endless and can be more than useful for medicine, construction and even automotive engineering, just to mention a few disciplines.

Undoubtedly, HoloLens are the product most sought after by technology lovers and are available for those who want to start experimenting and creating applications. In addition, with the help of Microsoft Edge, the experience will be even more enjoyable.

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