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North Korea was responsible for WannaCry, according to the NSA

North Korea was responsible for WannaCry, according to the NSA

Since it produced WannaCry, the largest global cyber attack affecting more than 300,000 people in 150 countries, one of the priorities has been to determine who or who is responsible. The pointing fingers that point to several authors have not stopped happening in what could be a cyber war.

A report has been released by the Department of Homeland Security and the US Federal Office of Investigation that links the North Korean government to the creation of WannaCry malware . And not only this attack, but those that have been produced since 2009, according to the news agency Reuters. Apparently, the targets would be the financial, media, and audiovisual industries - including the Sony Pictures Entertainment attack where part of the Pirates of the Caribbean minotaur was stolen - and the aerospace industry around the world.

The information, which was known internally last week but has not yet been made public, names the Korea Norete spy agency as "moderately confident", according to the  Washington Post . It is noteworthy that this information appears at a time of increased tensions between Washington and Pyongyang due to the missile tests of North Korea.

This report is based on analysis of tactics, techniques and objectives and would confirm the country's involvement in this cyberattack , an accusation that has circulated a few hours after the first investigations took place. An infection that saved computers with Windows XP.

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Several cyber security investigators, including Symantec and Kaspersky Lab, have reportedly found similarities between this malicious code and other malicious programs linked to that country, which has led them to conclude that North Korea is responsible Of WannaCry malware .

As we noted earlier, hours after the attack began to work on this hypothesis but only had a "weak connection" between the malware and the country. However, the NSA has traced the ransomware back to the IP addresses associated with North Korea's spy agency and has concluded that they are responsible.

In this report the authors also target the North Korean group Hidden Cobra, previously known as Lazarus Group, as responsible for the attack.

However, there is still room for clarification before stating that North Korea is responsible for WannaCry malware . One of them is the fact that a country uses malware as a way to increase its income.

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Following this method, hackers managed to collect $ 140,000 in the Bitcoin digital currency, but there has been a failure to charge the amount probably due to a transaction error. "This is like becoming aware of the mistakes made when it comes to docking a bank," said Jake Williams, founder of cybersecurity firm Infosec.

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