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The boom in psycho-diets

The boom in psycho-diets

The latest studies reveal that 81% of Spaniards fail to make a diet. "The essential problem of any regime lies not in its effectiveness, but in the maintenance over time of what has been achieved. The disillusionment that results from the repetition of failure usually leads to a depressing attitude of renunciation. The key is to identify the problem and work on it, "explains Jorge López Vallejo, a psychologist from the Strategic Brief Therapy. Patricia Guzman, an ASESCO coach and an expert in weight loss coaching, adds: "It's as if a person goes to a therapist because he has a depression and what they recommend is that he" stop crying " Or "cry less ... So, why overweight does something like that." For her the 'coach'

In addition, stress is a key factor in weight loss. "It is one of the worst enemies of the scale: it causes the increase of the hormone cortisol in blood, which leads to a decrease in lipolysis and a reduction in metabolism. This promotes the accumulation of fat in the body. The solution is to 'reset' the body by practicing 'mindfulness', moderating calorie intake and practicing sports, "says nutritionist Itziar Digón, hence the importance of psycho-diets, which are" more flexible: they are not restrictive, But they cover the physiological needs, combining all the nutrients, to improve the physical and mental health. They flee from the lists of foods allowed and prohibited, since the descontrol arises from the excess of control ", adds Digón.

Here are some weight loss methods that are as important to weight loss work as mental health:

'Mindful eating'

Also known as Conscious Food, it aims to change the relationship (insane) you have with food and body, to get from eating to living and not living to eat. It is achieved by techniques of mindfulness or full feeding with which you learn to eat while being in contact with the feelings of hunger and satiety and being aware of the emotions.

The nutritionist Itziar Digón, at the head of this method, aimed at people who eat compulsively, automatically or with stress, warns of the importance of knowing what kind of hunger is to differentiate between need and gluttony. She distinguishes three different ones:

Physical hunger: It feels when we ask the stomach if it is hungry or not. It is totally physiological and necessary to obtain the nutrients necessary to perform vital functions.
Emotional hunger: It is accompanied by anxiety, boredom, sadness or euphoria. The worst is that it causes an imperative need to ingest food, even though the stomach does not need to be fed.
Visual hunger: It occurs when, with the simple fact of seeing food, an immediate need for reward is awakened in the brain. It is the most difficult to control because it exerts great power on our mind.


"My own personal experience and watching in my surroundings the suffering of living with overweight prompted me to create this project, where the objective is to lose weight in a healthy way and without being alone", explains Mª José Gómez-Angulo, CEO-Founder of KilosOut . This formula combines the learning of nutritional habits based on the Mediterranean diet, with the psychology and motivation of a group support. In addition, they have the figure of the motivator, who accompanies each patient in the process of weight loss to share experiences, advice and recipes, and be in online contact in a private and continuous. Its pillars are three:

Planning: It is very important to organize daily food in advance and thus not resort to the excuse "I have nothing at home to cook". Order and discipline. You should build a habit and integrate it into daily routines, knowing what, how and when you can eat. Motivation: You can achieve what you have not been able to achieve before, thanks to constant support in online, personal or group support. This will help keep the momentum going until the goal is met.

The Diet of Paradox

It consists of a management of the food based on the pleasure and not on the sacrifice and the forced control. "If I grant what I like, after a short time, I will not be so pleased and I can give it up without effort or frustration," says López Pérez Vallejo. That is why we fail: "if we rely on the prohibition and the idea of ​​control of limitation and sacrifice to solve a problem; This clashes with the fundamental feeling on which our relationship with food is based: pleasure, "he adds. There are two fundamental guidelines for this diet:

Grant the most desired foods to gradually turn them into something less attractive. The procedure allows to establish a collaboration between pleasure and duty, instead of confronting them, which induces self-regulation rather than forced control. For example, if you bite something between hours you have to commit to eating that same thing during the five daily intakes; Well, in the end it will not appeal. Appreciate the pleasure of the movement by overcoming the initial pleasure that comes from standing still. The key is to choose an activity you like and do not bore and thus introduce it into the daily routine effortlessly.

Ravenna Method

At the Therapeutic Center Dr. Máximo Ravenna a team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, psychotherapists and physical education teachers help with the modification of harmful habits related to food, from the awareness of limits, excesses and meals to Their patients. Their daily support groups (led by psychologists or nutritionists), which are held even at weekends and holidays, are their strong point. "When we treat obesity we are dealing with a behavioral problem, an addiction or a tendency to eat more than necessary. To be fat is to be "excessive" in behavior, in body, in dish and in size. The visible is the body that speaks from its voluptuousness, but it is necessary to go beyond, the behaviors that lead to the excess to that body by the lack of measure ", declares Graciela Sajeva, Director of its headquarters in Spain. The trio that supports his technique is:

Quick cut with excess. The measure in the portion. The distance with respect to food.

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