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The eyebrow prints that are causing controversy

Brow Stamps is the new trend that is invading the Internet

Getting up early in the morning to get a decent makeup can be difficult, so we appreciate the beauty products that achieve a good result in a short time. A couple of weeks ago, the eyebrow prints became veritable on social networks because, as its name says, they promise to make up your eyebrow quickly and evenly ... Do you think they really work? Check out the verdict of some beauty gurus.

How do they work? There are different shades for all types of skins. Once you buy the one that suits you best, you should place the stencil in the powder before placing it in your eyebrows. In a matter of seconds, you're supposed to have bushy eyebrows and perfect eyebrows. But will it be true?

As you will see, although it already creates the shape and gives a little color to the eyebrow, if you want to be really perfect, you need to fill the holes with a little more product. So anyway you will not be ready to leave.

The not so positive side is that the product runs easily, so you need to fix them with something else so that they stay in place and at the end of the day do not end with a half eyebrow. The cost is not so affordable and for the moment only you can find them available on Amazon here.

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