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The ideal sports to close a business

The ideal sports to close a business

Just as working lunches and cocktails work to make business, sports meetings can also serve to network and close great deals. Business people usually invite their potential partners to practice some activity, usually in a club where they have a subscription, it is a good way to meet the person and have fun.

If in restaurants some of them are discriminated by their label and wine knowledge, being good with the racket or the golf club will also attract the attention of their colleagues, and may even have them called to other meetings where they can relate more.

If you are invited to practice physical activities with people potentially important to your career, you should take into account some aspects, such as avoiding touching the business theme during the plays, as this is annoying as these are moments of high concentration. Leave your proposals for between the time or the end of the game, when the other person is more relaxed, encouraged by the satisfaction of the game and willing to listen.

We tell you what sports can be ideal for closing deals:

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Golf has always been considered the favorite sport of millionaires, according to Wealth-X the 10% of the world's richest people practice it. A subscription to New York clubs like Liberty National Golf costs $ 300,000, with an annual cost of $ 29,000, and to be able to apply to another at the East Hampton Golf Club, you must have assets of one million dollars and earn $ 200,000 dollars Per year, according to data from the Llnyc portal.

The sport's distinction makes its courts an ideal place to close businesses, as president Donald Trump tells in his book 'How to get rich? "I went to play golf in one of my fields, some will think I'm wasting my time , but I take it as a job and I really enjoy doing it. One day playing I was approached by four people who wanted to join the golf club. I told them that the membership cost 250 thousand dollars and they made me a check each. That afternoon I returned home with a million dollars and everything for going to play golf. "


Another sport considered high class, and ideal for getting closer to customers, is tennis. According to Business Insider, 38% of the wealthy people practice it one or more times a week, many of them belong to a high-level competitive league, and 60% of the wealthy people who play the sport are members of a club private.

This year Bill Gates partnered with legend Roger Federer for a charity match for Africa. The pair met six weeks before the match, while Federer was playing the Indian Wells Tournament in California, the tennis player asked the richest man in the world if he wanted to participate in double matches at Seattle's Key Arena against John Isner, number 25 Of the world, and the rocker Mike McCready, of the band Pearl Jam.

" I'm a Roger fan, the possibility of playing with him was a dream come true. But more important was a great opportunity to shine the incredible philanthropic work he and his family do, "Gates wrote in his personal blog Gates Notes.

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The CEOs of many of the big companies have in common that they always find space for exercise, usually run in the mornings before the start of the day. Some of them have tried to test their skills by participating in major competitions around the world, such as the Boston Marathon, Chicago, Berlin, London or New York. According to Forbes magazine, at least 10 of the world's 1810 richest people have completed a marathon. "At a deep level, running is about pushing the limits, realizing the possibilities," said Indian billionaire Anil Ambani at Businessweek.

Among the list of millionaire marathon runners, you can name Oprah Winfrey, who ran the Navy Marathon in 1994, for her 40th birthday. "I was going to focus on myself and wanted to run when I turned 40, That was my biggest dream, "said the hostess after the competition

Also worth mentioning is Zhang Xin, one of the wealthiest female entrepreneurs in China, who owns one of the largest real estate developers in the country, who ran the New York and Paris marathon together with her husband in 2015. "The crowd was amazing, they encouraged us along the way to cross the final line," Xin announced on his official Facebook page.

Preparing for an event of these involves training, you can propose to one of your clients and thus have space to do business.

Nautical sports

Business people also like the extreme emotions in their lives, which is why many people practice sports like parachuting, paragliding or skiing. However, extreme sports preferred for them are related to water. According to Business Insider, 38% of millionaires surveyed have a boat to sail, 68% of them also use boats to practice activities such as jet skiing, fishing or sailing. In fact the founder of Virgin Mobile, Richard Branson, is passionate about kitesurfing, in which a kite is in charge of propelling the person who is riding a surfboard.

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