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The most unfaithful signs of the zodiac

The most unfaithful signs of the zodiac

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and personalities, so there are traits that are more determinant in some of them. Such is the case of infidelity.

Some signs are more unfaithful than others, while others are almost a guarantee of a stable relationship.

Here we tell you what are the most unfaithful signs of the zodiac:

Gemini tends to get confused easily, so if emotion and surprises are not present in the relationship, they could look for other horizons. If they are victims of infidelity, they will hardly forget the pain.

Cancer, with his flirtatious personality, can exploit his sensuality to the limit and experience the honeys of infidelity. They could decide to play with fire.

Scorpio has a sensual nature that can play against him in the relationships of pair, because resisting a temptation can become a titanic task. If they are victims of infidelity, they unleash their fury without thinking.

Libra can be extremely undecided as far as fidelity is concerned. Although you may prefer to leave a dangerous relationship in the imagination, once you dare to take it to the facts, you will do so in such detail that it will be difficult to fall into deception.

Sagittarius has against him his flirtatious nature that can call the temptation. If this is combined with a relationship in which Sagittarius feels that his freedom is alibi, he is most likely to be carried away by passion.

The most faithful
Aries is usually faithful until he feels relegated to the relationship, so he could look for someone else. If your partner is unfaithful, he will try to give you a cup of your own chocolate.

Taurus has a loyal nature and likes stability, but if some event damages his trust in the other, the wound will be very difficult to heal.

Leo is, despite his seductive ability and his well-waged ego, one of the least unfaithful signs. It is often more important for a Leo to keep his image and his pride intact than to experience dangerous relationships.

Virgo is faithful by nature. In most cases, temptation does not succeed because he knows that fidelity is the basis of a relationship. But he expects to be paid with the same currency, so he prefers not to have a relationship with an infidel.

Aquarius is a lover of love, so being unfaithful is not in your first thought. His vision of love is so idealistic that if he was unfaithful, he could not blame himself and may even confess it.

Pisces is one of the most faithful and loyal signs of the zodiac. Temptation does not exist for the last sign of the zodiac, and if it were encouraged to experiment, it would easily betray itself.

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