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The "mysterious" language that Ivanka teaches her daughter

The Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump often shares pictures with her children.

Ivanka Trump unleashed dozens of negative reactions to a picture of her and her daughter who posted on Twitter.

President Donald Trump 's daughter seems to have had no "timing" since trying to promote science and math as a central part of education, network users questioned her that she would teach her to "code."

"Learning to encode with Arabella tonight - The language of the future! #WomenUnSTEM," Ivanka wrote with a picture of herself and her daughter.

The STEM is an acronym in English Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, whose system supports Ivanka.

However, his message comes amid the "Russiagate" scandal involving espionage and, of course, the use of all sorts of codes.

"Are you teaching him to code for the Russians or the Chinese?" He asked @ Chillax_Max, one of the users.

Others referred to the word "covfefe," which President Trump used on his timeline a few days ago, unleashing other theories about code usage.

The organization STEMettes explains more about the importance of the different sciences in everyday life and, above all, in the education of infants.

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