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The next iPhone can be charged without cables

The next iPhone can be charged without cables

  • One of Apple's suppliers confirms the rumor that the next iPhone will have a wireless charging system
  • The charging port is the only one that has left the iPhone, after removing the headphone jack
  • Many predict that, within a few years, the apple phone will even dispense with this last 'hole' in your body

That the new iPhone 8 will have wireless charging is something that has been anticipated for months . At the moment, there was no reliable source fully confirming this fact, but now that one of the component suppliers has ensured that the phone can be charged without cables, it can already be taken for granted.

Wireless charging is a technology that many Android phone manufacturers have embraced for years. Samsung is perhaps the one that has bet more for it, as its Galaxy S8 bet by this format as complement of its technology of fast load by cable. Apple does not have one thing or the other at the moment, but it seems willing to pay this debt to its consumers.

The provider who has confirmed wireless charging on Apple's new phone is Wistron, an Indian manufacturer that has started building for the company and which, on paper, should help them enter this new and thriving market. And it was the very CEO of the company, Robert Hwang, who revealed to the press that the technology would be present on the iPhone.

Known this new detail of the mobile, the planes that showed a long surface in the back of the iPhone now make more sense. The popular 'leaker' OnLeaks, which has shown several alleged images of the device in the past, uploaded this to Twitter to support Hwang's information.

There are few details to know about the new iPhone, which is not known whether it will be called iPhone 8 or otherwise. Among the latest leaks, it appears the appearance that supposedly will have the front of the mobile . Around the screen there will hardly be frames and only the space of the infrared sensors and the front camera breaks with that clean and simple appearance.

That I was just going to have frames was something that was already known for some time and thanks to fairly reliable sources, but seeing it is something different.

If Apple makes the leap to wireless charging, that future in which the company dispenses the cables completely with your phone could be closer. Although it is somewhat complicated at the moment, because it would also deny the use of wired headsets, it is a realistic forecast and that many experts and analysts have mentioned on occasion.

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