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The sad birthday of the panda bear in the longest captive in the world

The sad birthday of the panda bear in the longest captive in the world
The Chinese ambassador to Mexico, Qiu Xiaoqui, gave a recognition to the Environment Ministry of the capital's government for having achieved the survival of this specimen, which is, in fact, the main attraction of the place.

The house of Shuan Shuan, who lives next to his sister Xin Xin, also with his 27 years one of the oldest bred captive bears in the world, against an average of 25 years in free life in the bamboo forests of China, is By far the largest zoo.

"The sleepers are in very good condition, they are the most visited and they like to be the center of attention," said the city's director of zoos, Claudia Lewy.

Both bears, who undergo frequent medical examinations, although through games because they are not usually allowed to be heard, have a large garden cultivated with bamboo and an adjacent kitchen to cook their food according to the prescriptions of the specialists.

Shuan Shuan and Xin Xin are descendants of Ying Ying and Pepe, a couple donated by the Chinese government to the capital's authorities in September 1976.

The first offspring of the pair were Xen Lí, who lived only eight days, and Tohuí, the first panda bear to be born in captivity outside its natural habitat, died 24 years ago.

Then born in 1985, Ursa Xiu Hua, who lived 27 years, he was also considered one of the longest in the world in captivity and died in 2013. L to bear Tohuí, however, is the most famous among the "Mexican pandas ", Turned into a true media phenomenon since its birth, as local television placed cameras in its habitat and reported during the first few days of being exposed to how it was developing.

The famous Mexican singer Yuri dedicated a melody called "Osito Panda", that became a sales success and that, among other things, it indicated: "Bear panda you still do not walk and we already want to see you grow, and your mamita is proud of That you were born in our city ".

The sad birthday of the panda bear in the longest captive in the world

In addition, a paraphernalia of articles, such as T-shirts, caps and toys, was created with the image of Tohuí, which in the indigenous language of the Tarahumara ethnic group in the northern state of Chihuahua means "child."

The 30th anniversary of the bear occurs six months after the death, on December 28, of Pan Pan, the oldest panda in the world, who was 31 years old, equivalent to 93 years for a human being.

Pan Pan lived at the Dujiangyan base of the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center in Sichuan Province, southwest China. The bear left a large number of 140 copies, but it is not the longest in history, an honor that belongs to the bear Jia Jia, who died in October 2016 was 38 years old.

The sad birthday of the panda bear in the longest captive in the world

With more than 5 million visitors each year, the Chapultepec Zoo is the most frequented but not the largest in the country, an honor that corresponds to Guadalajara, the second city of the country, located in the west.

However, Chapultepec itself is one of the most successful animal shelters in the natural reproduction and captive breeding of panda bears, with at least eight births of this species in extinction in 40 years since the arrival of the First pair of the species. But after three generations of pandas, the strain could have come to an end, as Xuan Xuan could not be pregnant by Ling Ling, a bear of a Japanese zoo who visited her in 2001, 2002 and 2005, and is no longer in age Reproductive, unless the Chinese government donates new young bears.

The zoo lacks sufficient budget to face the payment of one million dollars that the government requires each year to cede its copies, while the cost of support is five times that of an elephant, as it does not charge any fees to its visitors.

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