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The Secret of Lily Aldridge's Buttocks

Lily Aldridge wearing spectacular glutes

We can assure you that Lily Aldridge wears the best glutes of the summer. You just have to see how Victoria's Secret top and angel came out dressed in a dress by designer Jason Wu , who was accompanying his muse to the CFDA 2017 Awards to confirm our verdict.

Mother of a girl, Lily is proof of how a healthy diet , accompanied by constant exercise and cosmetic and cosmetic treatments can help you achieve your goal: an ass 10 .

Lily Aldridge does not stop practicing her exercise routine every day for that backwards nothing casual. She is a devotee of the Mary Helen Bowers ballet three to four times a week to tone buttocks, legs and arms in addition to Pilates and yoga and boxing she practices three to six times a week.

Another key is the Sakara diet (which are also devout other models and celebrities such as Karolina Kurkova, Hilary Rhoda or Chrissy Teigen ) and that receives at home. It includes lean proteins, low glycemic index fruits, vegetables and no alcohol with organic and fresh foods in all their dishes.

Their favorite breakfast is chia porridge with oatmeal and rose petals which combines with a more salty egg, bacon and a cup of tea. To eat, you love salads with a touch of spice with ingredients such as tofu, chili, beets, carrots, broccoli, quinoa and green leaves, all superfoods and at dinner time, choose fish with many roasted vegetables or roasted chicken With the recipe of Gwyneth Paltrow. Between hours, choose green juices with ginger or vegetable protein powders, almond milk, blueberry and spirulina seaweed and many vegetables.

In addition, they also help and many draining cosmetics and remodel the area as aesthetic treatments that combat cellulite and achieve greater firmness.

Treatments that help you get some glutes on your site
If your genetics and habits are not favorable to a firm and turgid back or you do not achieve the desired results, Cres Clinic has the technique of tensioning threads that create a maya that holds the gluteus in an hour and without going through the operating room .

The entry points are anesthetized and we proceed to the infiltration of the resorbable sutures. The patient is conscious at all times and does not present any discomfort. The number of threads to be implanted will be determined by medical diagnosis. Each treatment is completely individualized to the needs of the patient. The percentage of satisfaction is high since the PDO threads are not only considered as reparative treatment, but also as preventive treatment.

In addition, other treatments like Thermage Body Magic also works the abdomen, the inner side of the thighs, arms and glutes. "First, we take photographs of the area to be treated and we exfoliate with the product Osmopeel Matriskin. Then we perform the ultrasound shots focused at different depths. The Led light for 15 minutes, then the Thermage session is performed in the area to be treated and 15 days after the Thermage session, the same protocol is repeated for the first session " , says Natalia de la Vega, director of Tacha Beauty , center that has this protocol.

The result is the total reaffirmation and remodeling of the tissue of the chosen area in this case the glutes and costs 3000 euros per zone.

If you are concerned about cellulitis in the buttocks, Cellfina arrives , a technique approved by the FDA that combines the subcision (eliminate the fibrous septum) with a vacuum system to treat with large Precision the structural causes of cellulite.

The experts at the International Dermatology Clinic tell us what it is: "Lidocaine is first applied to anesthetize the area to be treated with a system that sucks the tissue by pressing on the skin and creating a" vacuum "effect. A system of needles is used to debride the septa or fibrous septa which are pulling the skin surface, thus releasing the dimples or depressions characteristic of the orange skin, which is achieved to leave a surface more smooth and uniform. Between 45 and 60 minutes and does not require surgery or undergo general anesthesia.

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