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The unexpected illness caused by cell phones that worries doctors

The unexpected illness caused by cell phones that worries doctors

Cell phones make it more comfortable and entertaining day by day. They came to offer infinite possibilities, from fulfilling the original goal of increasingly facilitating communication and daily tasks - working or not - to give different options for leisure time. But too much use of smartphones also brings with it its own complications. It can do damage and detonate a pathology.

Back pain, neck pain and muscle stiffness are some of those that are present, as a result of poor body mobility or of maintaining inadequate postures for a very long period. Another of the most common problems are tendinitis in the hand and even in the wrist. And one of the most affected parts is the thumb, which is used almost exclusively to compose text messages, chats or a publication in a social network.

The excessive use of the finger when writing can lead to joint stress and even generate Quervain's Tenosynovitis (inflammation of the sheath of the long abductor tendon and short extensor tendon sheath, which happens when passing through the tunnel at the radial styloid level ) And rhizosthesia of the thumb.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (USA) noted that more consultations come from year to year of patients suffering from a condition called "cell thumb". It is the inflammation of the terminal portion of the muscle, which if it progresses in its deterioration determines a more severe injury. It occurs when the tendon flexes and flexes, generating inflammation of the finger. This disease was formerly severely affected by factory workers because of the characteristics of their jobs, CBS News reported .

Kristin Zhao, a biomedical engineering specialist at the institution, has been studying this subject for seven years. For her, the thumbs make uncomfortable movements when handling a cell phone. Explain that the joints loosen and loosen, so that the bones move in a different way in a normal situation. This "could be causing the onset of pain and eventual osteoarthritis," he said.

One of the tips is to use your index finger to give thumb rest

How not to suffer the pathology? Dependence on the cell phone is inevitable for many. So experts recommend a number of simple habits to adopt. For example, you can rest your thumbs using the index finger or go to the voice to send the messages. Also, they advise doing daily exercises of stretching with the wrists and the fingers to maintain the tendons flexible.

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