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Things You Did not Know About Microsoft Edge

Things You Did not Know About Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is not the new version of Explorer. It is a completely new browser created from scratch, with a new web page rendering engine and support for new technologies like HTTP Strict Transport Security, which allows web developers to create more robust and secure pages. Today we will talk about how to get the most out of Microsoft Edge:

Quick access tabs

Go to your favorite websites in the same place every time you open Microsoft Edge. Simply right click on an open tab and select Pin.

Web Notifications

Web notifications on Microsoft Edge allow sites to display notifications that are relevant to you, even when you're off-site. This helps keep you informed of new messages or alerts.

Easily navigate through tabs

Things You Did not Know About Microsoft Edge

With Microsoft Edge, it is easy to manage the tabs. Simply place your cursor over the open tabs to see what is inside before clicking. You can also choose to duplicate an existing tab or reopen a closed tab if you accidentally closed it.

Quick navigation

Microsoft Edge gives you the fast scrolling option to navigate back and forth on any touch-sensitive device. You can use your finger to scroll from anywhere on the web page to navigate to a previous page or to move forward.

Use Cortana as a search assistant

Cortana is Microsoft's new intelligent personal assistant and knowledge browser for Windows 10. Not only can you use it from the Start menu, it's also integrated with Microsoft Edge, so it can help you with fast internet searches.

Doodle directly on a web page

Designers will love this feature. Microsoft Edge lets you add your own notes to a web page. Whenever you wish, click the "Make a note on the Web" button on the top bar (indicated by a paper and pencil icon). When the drawing toolbar with purple background appears, you can start using doodle.

Get rid of distractions

Things You Did not Know About Microsoft Edge

If you sometimes find intermittent ads, look at sections, sidebar widgets, and other annoying distractions, you'll make good use of Microsoft Edge's "Read View" feature. The reading view is often not active on the main page of a site or other category pages; Is only active when individual ads are displayed.

Create a sophisticated reading list

The "Read List" feature of Microsoft Edge includes a handy reader list manager within the browser. You may not have an interface as refined as Pocket, and you can not add your own tags, but you can use them without having to be linked to a third-party application.

Go dark or light

Microsoft finally seems to catch up with other browser vendors by allowing users to choose between different themes. No big deal, although currently there are only two theme options on Microsoft Edge - one clear and one dark.

Share via the built-in resource pane

The MIcrosoft Edge browser has an easy-to-access integrated Share Panel that lets you easily share content you find while browsing the network. To access it you need to click the Share icon in the top bar (marked by 3 small circles connected by arcs). The Shares Panel includes the sharing apps you currently have enabled.

Analyze the performance of your site

The Microsoft Edge developer tools got a new look and some new features as well. The tool can still be invoked by pressing F12 as in Internet Explorer, but it can also be accessed by the menu item in the top bar "More actions".

Microsoft Edge is worth if you are looking for a minimalist browser, which starts very fast, does not distract and shows the webs on screen at high speed.

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