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This is the reason why getting fat is easier than losing weight

What will have the food that gets more fat than we never get tired of it? Pizzas , burgers, Chinese food, fried foods, snacks, sugars... Fats and carbohydrates, why are you so good and give us so much satisfaction? Beyond the wholesome or not of these foods it is clear that there are people who feel better than others. And it is not because they do not suffer from heartburn or other stomach problems , but because it seems that some people are more likely to gain weight than others with so much carbohydrate, especially even after a diet . Or have you ever wondered why the effects of junk food are so fast, while getting rid of all those calories through a diet is so complicated?

This is the reason why getting fat is easier than losing weight

For the sake of justice, weight should be as hard to gain as to lose , but it never is. And this tremendous injustice has been explained by nutrition scientist Dr. Tim Crowe in an interview with

One of the most curious reasons why we gain weight so easily is due to the hunger we are exposing ourselves while we are dieting. "The influence of hunger on weight recovery is three times as potent as a slowing down of metabolism, " Dr. Crowe says, but the downside is that both phenomena usually occur at the same time. "It seems almost inevitable that the weight lost Will recover again in most people, "explained Crowe.

Basically, Tim Crowe comes to explain that after a diet where we inevitably go hungry, that hunger tends to compensate unconsciously. That is why it is advisable to avoid 'hunger' and bet on diets that include meals every few hours if you plan to lose weight. "It's critical to feel satisfied with food and to make sure we're eating what's needed to provide adequate nutrition."

But hunger is not the only culprit; Our mentality has a lot to do when it comes to losing weight. If we start a plan to lose weight by thinking of it as a duty, as something we have to do, our brain reacts with eager to eat everything that is out of the diet. Therefore, it is not surprising that gaining weight is easier. "That 'forbidden' food becomes the most desirable snack because we have been forced not to ingest it, which in turn diminishes our willpower when making decisions about what we should eat."

Is there any way to lose weight but not gain it again after a diet? Well yes, do not bother with the food too much. Diet should be a learning to eat better, but that does not mean that we have to become a food crazy. Keep a healthier, more balanced outlook on food and soon it will become a way of life, but indulge yourself every now and then. It will be much easier to maintain the body that you have worked so hard for.

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