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This will improve your browsing experience on Microsoft Edge

This will improve your browsing experience on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft continues to work on offering us a lighter and friendlier web browsing experience. We will announce another improvement for the future of web browsing that will come with Creators Update, because Microsoft will implement Brotli as a compression method in Microsoft Edge.

Brotli will be interoperable between browsers, supporting the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Brotli is a compression format defined in RFC 7932, previously available as part of the WOFF2 source format. When used as an HTTP content encoding method, Brotli can accelerate compression and decompression speeds by up to 20%.

Brotli Compression

This results in a substantial reduction of page weight for users, improving loading times without affecting CPU costs.

In the current preview version of Microsoft Edge, Brotli is supported on HTTPS and HTTP connections. In future releases it will only be supported on HTTPS connections, although Brotli will continue to be used to decompress content on HTTP connections.

On the other hand, Microsoft announced a new API called "Payment Request" for Microsoft Edge. This API is currently in the testing phase, however, its purpose is to facilitate payments on the web in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Wallet

This new feature is being tested by developers in Creators Update , so the main advantage of "Payment Request" is that it works with the Wallet app in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, one more reason to work on a universal app.

In addition, end -to-end Payment Requests will also be available in future builds. This API has been designed with the intention of providing a standard method and guarantees for companies, browsers, and users. So you will have payment methods that provide a better user experience.

In short, Microsoft continues to work on providing a faster and safer web for everyone.

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