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To travel to Canada, what requirements do Mexicans need?

To travel to Canada, what requirements do Mexicans need?

Mexican travelers do not need a visa to tread on Canadian land, but to file a petition . Since the first of December of 2016, the government of Canada does not request visa to the tourists born in Mexico .

What documents do they request?

It is called eTA , it means: Electronic Travel Authorization, and is processed via Internet!

Do you want to spend your holidays in Canada?

With the eTA , Canadian authorities evaluate their tourists.

It has a validity of 5 years (or until the presented passport loses its validity)

It costs 7 Canadian dollars.

Have at hand:



Credit card

Valid passport.

Take into account that:

The system does not allow multiple requests at the same time

Debit card can not be paid

You can print the receipt at the time of confirmation, do not allow it later.

Enter here :

Resolve the questionnaire or form (it is not saved, it must be filled in a single occasion from beginning to end) You will receive a response via email (in 72 hours or more)

In some cases the Canadian Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship reserves the right to request other documents to approve eTA applications

Upon obtaining the eTA , the government of Canada allows to enter the country in several occasions and to remain until six months.

Mexicans wanting to study in Canada

First, an educational institution in Canada must accept your income.

You should check that you have the resources to cover educational expenses, child support and the flight back to Mexico.

Consult the list of educational institutions at the Embassy.

Prior to an interview with a customs agent, the Canadian government will ask you for a certificate of no criminal record to prove you are healthy.

Canada is an essential getaway with extraordinary destinations to travel alone or accompanied.

Your journey will become legend. Consult this guide if you want to know more tips for your next trip to Canada .

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