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Tom Holland was punched in the face during the filming of 'Spiderman: Homecoming'

In addition to providing him with a great opportunity to become one of the new action movie idols, the new adaptation of Spider-Man comics, 'Spiderman: Homecoming', has left young Tom Holland (21) Anecdote not pleasant to remember and linked fundamentally to the physical demands of one of the most anticipated films of the summer season.

"In one of the fight scenes, I was supposed to dodge a blow that went straight to the face, but I got distracted a bit and did not see him coming. It was a kind of metal fist that came over me, and Made me so strong in the face that it still hurts me just to remember it, "explains the artist in conversation with GQ.

In addition to the dramatic accident that almost caused the temporary suspension of the film, although fortunately had no major consequences for the interpreter, Tom also had to endure as he could the discomfort and lack of vision that came off the fit superhero costume that had to be wrapped everyday.

Tom Holland was punched in the face during the filming of 'Spiderman: Homecoming'

"I think I could not see beyond a meter from where I was, and above I had no peripheral vision of any kind," he revealed about an outfit that already appeared on the big screen last year with the appearance of his character in the last film Of Captain America.

Just a few months ago, the protagonist of the Spanish film 'The Impossible' already made it clear that his work in the Marvel franchise was not exactly a path of roses to share some details about his daily routine on the set.

"There are different versions of the suit that we use for different moments, sometimes I have to wear a harness and it takes almost 45 minutes to wear it, and if I do not wear a harness, it will take about 25 minutes ... The most difficult part is to go to the bathroom. You have to say, 'Look, I think I need to go to the bathroom in 45 minutes, so we have to start removing it.' Obviously, it's a very expensive suit, so you do not want to wear it hanging on your knees. " Explained Variety magazine.

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