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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Urges Kuczynski to Take "His Funeral Hands" From His Country

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister asks Kuczynski to draw "his funeral hands" from his country

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez today asked Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to withdraw his "funeral hands" from his country after the president on Monday asked the international community to act to prevent "a sea Of blood "before the crisis in the Caribbean nation.

"Take out your funeral hands of Venezuela," Rodriguez said through his Twitter account where he said that Caracas "protests and repudiates the infamous statements" of Kuczynski who, he believes, "promotes Venezuela's intervention around the world."

The head of Venezuelan diplomacy called the statement of the Peruvian leader "embarrassing" and accused him of going "to his colonial masters to intervene a sovereign nation."

"On the conscience of @ppkamigo will weigh the deaths and suffering of the Venezuelan people caused by the opposition violence," added Rodriguez on Twitter.

During a business forum in Madrid, Kuczynski was asked about the situation in Venezuela that has experienced a wave of protests for 74 days and has left 68 dead and more than a thousand injured, according to data from the country's prosecutor's office.

"In Venezuela there is no democracy, there was an election, but now a large part of the population does not feel represented, how do we solve that?" It can be seen as an interference, but it is to preserve democracy, "said the Peruvian president.

It would be "no political prisoners and humanitarian aid is allowed in because there are huge supply problems," Kuczynski said.

If you do not act the risk is that the violence degenerates and there is "a sea of ​​blood, there are people who escape to Colombia, others who go on a boat, like emigrants in the Mediterranean."

"We have to avoid that and seek a solution," said the Peruvian president, who is in favor of involving neighboring governments in favor of an "arbitration" that favors dialogue and conciliation in Venezuela.

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