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What does it mean to be a girl's dad?

What does it mean to be a girl's dad?

There is nothing more special than the relationship you have with your dad. As a daughter I know that you can learn a lot from him. Being a child's parent is one thing, but raising a child is something totally different.

Rules of a dad ...
  1. Take care of yourself as if you were the most precious stone in the world
  2. Defends you from Mom when she scolds you
  3. It does not assume what your interests are just because you are a girl. Not limited to flowers and dolls
  4. Despite his heavy nights of work he smiles at you and gives you "the good night kiss"
  5. He makes jokes just to see you smile and laugh at yours (even if they're bad)
  6. He listens to you and gives you affection when no one can stop those tears
  7. Let him help you at home or with your work
  8. He gives you a nickname of affection that only he tells you
  9. He has jokes or games that only you and he know. Trust me, she will remember you forever
  10. It helps you overcome your fears
  11. Try to understand your interests, even when you are not
  12. Always be nice to your friends
  13. He looks you frequently in the eyes and tells you that he loves you
  14. Spend quality time with you
  15. Go to your presentations or events
  16. She combs you when Mom is not (even if she does not know how)
  17. Tell you stories and your adventures with her
  18. All your doubts he answers them
These are just some of the things that lead to the job of being a woman's dad. If you have a daughter, enjoy every moment you spend with her.

Sunday, 18 June
Father's Day 2017 in United States of America

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